Carlson 41st, leads Janesville runners

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Gazette staff
Tuesday, June 1, 2010
— Tim Carlson led 10 Janesville entrants to the Madison Marathon finish line on Sunday.

Running his first marathon, Carlson, a 2009 Janesville Craig High School graduate, finished the 26-mile plus course in 3 hours, 16 minutes, 10.4 seconds. Carlson, 19, was the top finisher of 19-and-under runners, 39th among men and 41st of overall.

Carlson finished his freshman year at the University of Wisconsin in May. Carlson is majoring in engineering.

Hot and humid conditions forced race organizers to halt timing of the event after four hours.

ďI thought I could beat three hours,Ē Carlson said. ďBut I thought that was unattainable considering the circumstances.íí

Also from Janesville, Joshua Verdin finished in 3:39.41.7, 19th in the 25-29 menís age group and 148 overall.

Adam McRoberts finished 36th in the menís 35-39 age group in 3:58.53.3. McRoberts was 314th overall. Samuel Partington finished in 4:02.31.8, 45th in the menís 20-24 age group and 355 overall.

Chuck Evert finished in 4:04.19.7, 25th in the 45-49 menís age group and 375th overall. Dave Lancour finished in 4:17.51.2, 16th in the menís 55-59 age group and 537th overall.

Steven Williams finished in 4:47.46.2, 104th in the menís 35-39 age group and 937th overall. Rob Schumacher finished in 5:03.49.1, 106th in the menís 40-44 age group and 1,101st overall. Adam Voskuil finished in 5:18.39.3, 15th in the menís 19-and-under age group and 1,233rd overall.

Area finishers included Adam Gould of Edgerton (3:43.55), Donny Cramer of Milton (3:47.33.3), Bob Sage of Beloit (3:52.22.3), Ronald Henningfeld of East Troy (3:54.15.9), Joseph Caughlin of Whitewater (4:01.38.4), Robert Slauson of Elkhorn (4:27.44.3) and Jim Hauser of Elkhorn (4:50:07.4).

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