Delavan stalls Sho-Deen plan

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010
— The Delavan Town Board on Monday voted twice about plans to develop the Delavan Lake Inlet.

But neither vote propelled the project forward, and the town will take the subject up again next month.

The board voted 3-2 in favor of Sho-Deen Home’s conceptual plan for a 623-home subdivision near County F and Mound Road on the Delavan Lake inlet.

However, board members unanimously voted to send Sho-Deen’s application for a conditional-use permit back to the planning commission for more discussion.

The planning commission on July 6 recommended the board approve the plan and application. The commission provided a list of conditions, including installing a storm water system to ease flooding at the existing Inlet Oaks subdivision, developing a neighborhood park, maintaining a 100-foot “no-touch” buffer zone around wetlands and natural areas, and connecting storm sewers.

But the conditions aren’t “anywhere near all-encompassing of all the issues,” said board member Ryan Simons, who is a member of the planning commission.

Sho-Deen President Dave Patzelt said many of Simons’ concerns would be worked out through the plat approval and developers agreement processes. Other issues are outside the town’s jurisdiction, Patzelt said.

He encouraged the board to take action on the permit application so Sho-Deen would know if it should be “moving forward with this or other options.”

A sticking point for many audience members was the proposed density of the subdivision.

The parcel already is zoned to allow one residence per 15,000 square feet. But Sho-Deen wants to build a conservation subdivision, which would cluster homes on the property and leave contiguous open space.

Sho-Deen proposes building on 10,000-square-foot lots. Patzelt has said the community would benefit from the open space, which would be open to the public.

Many disagreed.

“I’m thinking crowding this amount of density is going to cause problems later on,” said town resident Robert Hoekstra.

Audience members also said the town should not approve the application just so Sho-Deen fixes the flooding issue at Inlet Oaks. An engineering firm has told the town the Sho-Deen property is the right location for a storm water detention pond that would reduce ongoing flooding at Inlet Oaks. Another pond might be necessary on a nearby property, board President Dorothy Burwell said.

If Sho-Deen doesn’t donate the land and build the pond, the town might have to go to court to force Sho-Deen to sell enough property for a pond, she said.

Burwell said in that case, taxpayers would pay for court costs and pond construction.

Inlet Oaks resident Bob Bauer said the town should take care of the flooding issue and not let Sho-Deen hold the issue of flooding over the town’s head.


The Delavan Town Board on Tuesday voted to send Sho-Deen’s application for a conditional-use permit back to the town plan commission. The next plan commission meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 3. If the commission forwards a recommendation, it could be addressed at the committee of the whole meeting at 6 p.m. Monday, Aug. 9. If approved at that time, the application could be on the next Walworth County Zoning Agency agenda. The next scheduled meeting for the agency is 4 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 19.

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