Public record for July 20, 2010

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Gazette Staff
Tuesday, July 20, 2010
Rock County

-- DARRELL C. JACKSON, 21, of 902 Rockshire Drive, Janesville, at 4:47 p.m. Sunday at the Rock County Sheriff’s Office on charges of possession with intent to distribute narcotics and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Intoxicated driving arrests

-- ROBERT J. LOVELACE, 49, of 338 Rogers St., Milton, at 9:29 p.m. Wednesday at Highway 51, north of Highway 14, Janesville Township. It was reported as his second offense. Also ticketed for operating while suspended.

-- ERIN M. DONSTAD, 17, of 6588 W. Gibbs Lake Road, Edgerton, at 1:36 a.m. Saturday at County M east of Staff Road, Fulton Township. Also ticketed for operating left of center.

Rock County Court

-- JONTAE L. WYNDER, 426 S. Jackson St., Janesville, speeding, $175.

-- VALL A. YOUNGBERG, Ingleside, Ill., speeding, $251.

-- ANTONIO P. ZACCARI, Harvard, Ill., speeding, $201.

-- CHRISTOPHER P. ZIMMERMAN, 6 E. Rollin St., Edgerton, speeding, $201.

-- CHAZZ A. ZIPSE, 2503 S. Hayner Road, Janesville, inattentive driving and failure to notify police of accident, $451.

-- EDWARD J. ZYCH, Chicago, speeding, $276.

-- EUSTAQUIA L. ACKERMAN, 1547 Barberry Drive, No. 8, Janesville, failure to yield right of way from stop sign resulting in bodily harm, $201.

-- ABBIGAIL A. BAUMGARTNER, 1271 N. Parker Drive, Janesville, speeding, $201.

-- BRETT J. BERTRAND, 9215 Newville Road, Edgerton, operating while suspended third violation, $201.

-- ERICA M. BROADBENT, 602 Linn St., Janesville, speeding, $175.

-- CASEY A. BROWN, 2141 Mole Ave., Janesville, speeding, $175.

-- TREVOR J. BRUEGGER, 2006 Nicolet St., Janesville, failure to yield uncontrolled T-intersection, $175.

-- GETTY L. BUCKNER, 532 S. Randall Ave., Janesville, nonregistration of automobile and operating while suspended fourth or more violation, $376.

-- THOMAS W. BURCHFIELD, 1719 N. Claremont Drive, Janesville, operating without carrying license, $201.

-- MARLENE A. BYRNE, 1618 Randolph Road, Apt. A, Janesville, operating while suspended and failure to wear seatbelt, $211.

-- HEATHER L. CASTROGIOVANNI, 1014 Laurel Ave., Janesville, dog/cat running at large, $264.

-- TRAMAINE R. CLARK, 1004 N. Sumac Drive, Janesville, operating while intoxicated first violation, $818, license revocation and alcohol assessment.

-- KYLE J. CONERY, 1628 Morningside Drive, No. 5, Janesville, retail theft, $390.

-- HEATHER M. CULVER, 464 S. Blackhawk St., Janesville, speeding, $201.

-- NICOLE M. DIX, 317 N. Washington St., No. 3, Janesville, disturbing the peace by unnecessary noise fourth violation, $768.

-- TIMOTHY J. EBELING, 1814 Saint George Lane, Janesville, failure to stop/improper stop at stop sign, $175.

-- TYLER P. ECKELBERG, 3033 W. Avalon Road, Janesville, operating motorcycle without valid license, $201.

-- AFFO A. ERZUMIAH, 1320 Laurel Ave., Janesville, operating while suspended fourth or more violation, $201.

-- NICHOLAS J. EYERS, 547 N. Palm St., Janesville, disorderly conduct, $390.

-- FRANKIE R. FOSTER, 1335 Laramie Lane, No. 12, Janesville, operating while suspended, $201.

-- LADWAN C. GEE, 878 E. Memorial Drive, Janesville, operating without valid license first violation, $201.

-- BOBBY R. GLASGOW, 2222 Morningside Drive, Janesville, drinking in public, $264.

-- LUIS A. GOMEZ-PEREZ, 612 E. High St., Janesville, failure to stop at stop sign and operating without valid license first violation, $376.

-- ERIC R. GUDGEON, 4423 Saratoga Drive, Janesville, operator violating red traffic light, $175.

-- KYLE D. HANEY, 3300 W. Rockport Park Drive, Janesville, riding in vehicle without seatbelt and operating without valid license first violation, $211.

-- JUDITH L. HEESEN, 930 N. Washington St., Janesville, nonregistration of automobile and operating vehicle without adequate muffler, $185.

-- ARTURO HERNANDEZ, Columbia, Mo., unsafe backing of vehicle, $175.

-- ANTHONY C. HIBBLER, 321 Rock St., Janesville, recklessly endangering safety and operating while suspended, $591.

-- JOSEPH A. JAKUBOWSKI, 21 N. Palm St., Janesville, operating while suspended, $201.

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