Janesville principal loses Jackson job

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010
— An elementary school principal put on a leave of absence in May will not return to that job this fall, Superintendent Karen Schulte said Monday.

John Walczak, principal of Jackson Elementary School, was placed on paid leave May 27 pending an investigation, officials said at the time.

The investigation is completed, but Schulte said she still canít discuss why it was done.

The Gazette has requested a copy of the investigative report. Under Wisconsin law, Walczak could challenge the release of that document in court.

At the time Walczak was relieved of duty, Schulte said the matter did not involve children, did not involve fiscal misconduct and was not the subject of a police investigation.

Schulte said that on the advice of the districtís attorney, she canít say much about the matter, including whether Walczak resigned or was fired.

ďHe is not going to be back in his position as principal at Jackson,Ē Schulte said.

Asked if Walczak might return in another job with the district, Schulte said she doesnít know. She said thereís a process that has to occur before that would be known, and discussing the process would reveal things she is not at liberty to discuss.

Schulte said she discussed the matter with Jackson School staff Friday but couldnít tell them much, other than that she will hire a new principal.

The job was posted Monday.

Schulte said she wants a new principal as quickly as possible. She acknowledged itís getting late in the year to find someone.

ďIf we canít find someone suitable, we would probably look at an interim (principal), but Iím hoping we can just get somebody on board and move forward, and I think thatís what the staff would like as well,Ē Schulte said.

Walczak was assistant principal at Janesvilleís Edison Middle School from 2000 to 2008, when he was chosen for the Jackson job. He previously worked in the New Berlin and Whitnall school districts.

Walczakís most recent annual salary was $97,726.

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