Pipeline project is under way

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010
— While the presence of heavy construction equipment and large pipes is appealing to kids out of school, people are being asked to steer clear of the 8.8-mile natural gas pipeline project on Janesville’s northeast side.

“We have a concern for public safety and want to do everything we can to make sure no one gets hurt,” said Phillip Bohannon, project manager for The ANR Pipeline of Houston, a subsidiary of TransCanada, that is burying the 30-inch natural gas pipeline.

The $39 million project, which will increase capacity in the Madison/Janesville area, is scheduled to go into service around October. Thanks to good summer weather, the project is on schedule, he said.

Bohannon said the company has a particular concern in the Briar Crest neighborhood, where crews are starting to weld pipe together.

Contractors are working in a 50-foot easement along Highway 14, where the project starts at Drott Drive south of Milwaukee Street. The route continues northwest behind the Pine Tree Plaza and the backside of the Mercy property on Deerfield Drive and Walmart Supercenter and Sam’s Club. It crosses Rotamer Road and Kennedy Road, heading out of Janesville.

The majority of the project’s piping rests along the route, he said

The route runs through one of the busiest areas in Janesville, at least from a traffic standpoint.

Bohannon said crews are using directional drills to run the pipe under Highway 14 and Interstate 90/39. Starting on one side of the road, crews drill through to the other side and then attach the pipe, which is then pulled back below the roadway.

Michels Construction, which is now hitting its peak in terms of employment, is the prime contractor on the project.

Bohannon said about 150 people are working on the project, and while crews have moved more than 100,000 tons of steel, no time has been lost to injury.

Crews also are upgrading a compressor station on the north side of the city.

Bohannon said ANR will meet its Aug. 15 deadline for completion of a portion of the project north of Highway 14 where the city plans to expand its bike trail

The bike trail’s 1.8-mile expansion falls in the middle of the pipeline project and is scheduled to start Aug. 15 and end Oct. 15. The new stretch will begin at Highway 14 and Wright Road, extend west on Highway 14 then curve north around the edge of Best Buy, Pine Tree Plaza and Walmart and end at Tanglewood Drive.

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