Four of six Assembly candidates live in district

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010
— With less than four months to go before the 44th Assembly District election, four of the six candidates now list home addresses that are actually in the district.

Earlier this year, none of the announced candidates lived in the district.

Most notable, at least because of his incumbency, was Mike Sheridan, the Janesville Democrat first elected to the seat in 2004.

Earlier this year, Sheridan said he was living just outside the district on Ruger Avenue in a house co-owned with his wife. The couple also owned a home on Nantucket Drive, which is in the district.

Last October, Sheridan filed for divorce, an action finalized in early May. According to court records, Sheridan retained the out-of-district home on Ruger while his ex-wife got the house on Nantucket.

A “For Sale” sign now hangs outside the Ruger Avenue house, and Sheridan lists an Elida Street address in his filings with the state.

Other candidates either live in the district already, have moved into the district or plan to move.

Kenneth Brotheridge, Joe Knilans, Charles Knipp and William Truman will square off in a Republican primary Tuesday, Sept. 14. The winner will advance to face Sheridan and Libertarian Timothy Blake in the general election Tuesday, Nov. 2.

Since announcing his candidacy, Brotheridge has moved into the district. Knilans said he will move into the district whether he wins or loses in September and November. If elected Knipp, who now lives in Madison, said he, too, will move into the district.

Truman already lives in the district, as does Blake.

State law requires a lawmaker to live in the Assembly district he or she represents. A government accountability board spokesperson said the law permits a temporary absence as long as the lawmaker intends to move back into the district.

If elected, state rules mandate that a candidate establish and move into a district residence within 10 days of taking office in January.

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