Man gets 7 1/2 years for selling crack

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Kevin Murphy
Tuesday, July 13, 2010
— A Janesville man convicted of selling small amounts of crack cocaine to a police informant beginning a day after he was released from jail on another charge was sentenced Monday in federal court to 7 1/2 years in prison.

Byron Broomfield, 23, didn’t warrant the 15-19 years in prison recommended under federal sentencing guidelines, defense attorney Jack Hoag told the judge.

Hoag argued against the court imposing a “career offender” status and the longer sentence associated with it. Broomfield had two prior misdemeanor battery convictions in Rock County and had served a combined seven months in jail, said Hoag.

“No one is trying to characterize him as an angel, but the career offender status is reserved for much worse offenders,” Hoag told District Judge Lynn Adelman.

Assistant U.S. Attorney David Reinhard disagreed, saying Broomfield told Janesville police, “You finally got me after 10 years,” a day after he was released from jail on a battery conviction. Reinhard said that indicated more about Broomfield’s character than anything else.

Broomfield also threatened to kill the police informant to whom he had sold crack in November, and he failed to participate in treatment while on probation, Reinhard said.

Broomfield said he deserved “time” for his crime but asked Adelman, “Don’t throw me away. I’m a good guy.”

Adelman, an Eastern District of Wisconsin judge assigned the case after the retirement of Judge John Shabaz left the federal court in Madison short staffed, said Broomfield didn’t deserve the substantial sentences recommended in the guidelines. But Broomfield’s seven prior misdemeanor convictions, membership in the Gangster Disciplines street gang and lack of work history warranted more than the five years in prison Hoag suggested.

After court, Janesville police officer Kyle Austin said Broomfield unknowingly approached an informant about selling drugs. Broomfield was arrested after three controlled buys. Asked if Broomfield was well connected in the crack trade Austin replied, “We’ve known about him for several years.”

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