Janesville sophomores face closed lunch hour

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Saturday, July 10, 2010
— As expected, Craig and Parker high school sophomores will be confined to school grounds for lunch when school reopens Sept. 1.

The closed-lunch policy was first applied to ninth-graders last year. Officials have long planned to extend the restriction to sophomores.

However, the sophomores could earn their way to an open lunch if they keep their grades up and their noses clean, said district spokeswoman Sheryl Miller.

To earn the privilege of being able to join the upper classes in the lunchtime dash to fast-foot outlets, sophomores must maintain a 3.25 grade point average, have no unexcused absences, no significant discipline issues and fewer than three classroom tardies per quarter.

“We believe sophomores who have obtained a 3.25 GPA have demonstrated their commitment to doing well academically, have demonstrated a higher level of maturity, have mastered the transition from middle to high school and are not experiencing difficulty getting to class and getting to class on time,” according to a statement from Miller’s office.

Grade point averages will be reviewed each quarter.

“It should help promote higher achievement,” according to a Craig High School newsletter.

Junior and seniors will continue to enjoy open lunch, as they have since 1971. Miller said officials have no plans and have not discussed restricting the upper classes.

However, officials might reconsider if academic or attendance problems crop up among juniors or seniors, Miller said.

Officials had long wanted to keep students on campus but were limited by the old cafeterias’ capacities. The cafeterias were expanded in the recent renovation projects at both schools.

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