Orfordville couple ordered to remove dogs

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Ted Sullivan
Friday, July 2, 2010
— An Orfordville couple fighting the village to keep nine dogs in their home received a court order Monday to remove most of their pets.

Gary Anliker and Jeanne Tomlin were ordered to have a maximum of three dogs at their home at 308 Olson Drive. They must remove the other dogs by July 23.

Village ordinance allows homes to have three dogs, but Anliker and Tomlin have had as many as 10. Police have ticketed the couple at least 19 times, and neighbors have complained about barking.

Anliker and Tomlin asked the village for a kennel license to keep their dogs, but that request was denied. The couple appealed the village’s decision to Rock County Court and lost.

The village then filed a complaint in Rock County Court seeking an order to remove the pets. The couple fought the village, but Judge Daniel Dillon issued the order.

The complaint states that owning a large number of dogs is “detrimental to healthful and comfortable life.” It states the dogs have “interfered with the neighbors’ quality of life and their safety due to the dogs barking and getting loose.”

Anliker and Tomlin couldn’t be reached for comment, but Anliker said in December the couple gradually added dogs to their family. They have several varieties of terriers, a Chihuahua, a miniature pinscher and husky mixes.

Anliker said he wouldn’t back down, and that the couple has had dogs in their house for years.

“I don’t think they have the right to tell me I can’t have these animals in my house,” Anliker said. “Do we live in a dictatorship here where we get told what we can and can’t do?”

Anliker said he would never give up his dogs, regardless of how his court battle turns out.

“I’d rather sell my house and move somewhere out in the country,” he said.

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