Janesville fire chief job attracts 44 applicants

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Friday, July 2, 2010
— The Janesville Police and Fire Commission appears on schedule in the hiring process for the city’s next fire chief.

Forty-four applicants submitted resumes before the June 30 deadline, said Leslie Brunsell, past chair and member of the commission.

Applications have been submitted to the city’s human resources department and Director Sue Musick will be culling through them this month. Recommendations will be made to the commission in early August so telephone interviews can be scheduled, Brunsell said.

Most applicants are from the Midwest and three already work for the Janesville Fire Department, Brunsell said. External candidates will be required to live in the city while internal candidates will not.

“Under the union (agreement) they are required to live within 25 miles of the city. We didn’t want to make it an issue for our internal candidates and maybe lose somebody we wanted to have as fire chief,’’ Brunsell said.

Brunsell said commission members are pleased with the number of applicants.

“We had a great response. I believe it was about the same number when we were looking for a police chief. It’s a good start,’’ she said.

After phone interviews, commission members will meet again and decide on five potential candidates who will be interviewed face-to-face in September.

“It usually takes a month after that that we come up with finalists,’’ she said.

The goal is to have the new chief hired by November and on board in January.

“We still have a long time before we have to get someone hired,” Brunsell said. “We won’t have two chiefs on (the payroll) at the same time. When (Larry) Grorud finishes in January, our new fire chief will be starting.”

Grorud is Janesville’s 34th fire chief and has served in that capacity longer than anyone in city history. He was hired by the department in 1974 and was named chief in 1989. He announced his retirement in December 2009.

Grorud’s replacement, according to an advertisement placed by the commission, will earn a salary between $95,000 and $113,964.

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