Janesville student numbers down slightly

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010
— The number of students in the Janesville School District has declined slightly since September, but the drop is not as sharp as it was from the fall of 2008 to the fall of 2009.

District officials Tuesday morning released student population numbers from an official Jan. 8 count.

The district lost 29 students since September, according to district data.

The district has 9,743 students, according to the data.

Janesville elementary schools have gained 66 students, while the middle and high schools lost 20 and 75 students, respectively.

In September, the district reported a loss of 176 students in kindergarten through 12th grade since September 2008.

The numbers didn’t affect this school year’s budget because state law includes a hold-harmless clause for districts with declining enrollments. The clause holds the district’s enrollment for state-aid purposes at the level of the previous year.

“I was pleasantly surprised that we were down (29),” Superintendent Karen Schulte said. “Compared to last year, I think, it was over 100.”

With the economy, the closing of the General Motors plant and people moving, she said she didn’t know what to expect.

But there’s always the concern that f a m i l i e s move at semester or at the end of the school year, she said.

“We’re really still on pins and needles about that. Our projections for next year are looking, really, relatively pretty good, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed,” she said.

If enrollment continues to drop, or the district doesn’t recoup those 29 students in fall, it will be a cut in revenue because aid is calculated per pupil, she said.

“Though we didn’t want anybody to move, 29 is not drastic at this point,” she said.

The Milton School District on Monday also reported a loss of students.

The district has lost 20 students since an official count in September, according to district data. The district counted 3,239 students on Jan. 8, according to the data.


Total enrollment: 9,743

Elementary school enrollment: 4,256, an increase of 66 students since September.

Jefferson Elementary gained 20 students, Roosevelt Elementary gained 10 and Wilson Elementary lost five.

Middle school enrollment: 2,177, a decrease of 20 students since September.

Edison lost 19 students, Marshall lost six students, and Franklin gained three students. TAGOS Leadership Academy also gained two middle school students.

High school enrollment: 3,310 students, a loss of 75 students since September.

Rock River Charter School decreased by 33 high school students, Craig decreased by 26 students and Parker decreased by 22 students. TAGOS gained three high school students, CRES Academy gained two students and the Virtual Academy gained one student.

Source: Janesville School District

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