Students join the Elkhorn School Board

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Pedro Oliveira Jr.
Sunday, January 24, 2010
— Megan Maurina and Eduardo Castro are Elkhorn's student voice.

Together, Maurina and Castro remind the Elkhorn School Board what itís like to fill the shoes of a high school student.

"They bring a student perspective on topics," District Administrator Greg Wescott said.

"A lot of times you don't think of something until you hear from somebody who is there everyday," board member Wendy Carlson said. "They give us input on scheduling, they give us input on grading.

"Especially for me, now, not having children in the school district, it's nice to hear from somebody who is right there in the trenches every day."

Maurina, 16, a junior, is the manager of the Elkhorn High School's wrestling and baseball teams, a member of the Spanish Club and the student council and is joining the National Honors Society.

"I like to be involved," Maurina said. "And I have a better understanding of what happens."

"I can make sure people know the real reason we are allowed to do certain things now, compared to before. I'm able to see both sides of an argument."

Castro, 17, is the student council president and member of DECA, a business club. He played football and basketball for his four years of high school, and track for three years.

"I don't have a vote, but I give my input whenever I can on issues relevant to the student body and myself," the senior said. "I think it's really important to have them on the school board because lot of times the school board forgets what it is like to be a student.

"It's been so long for most of them."

Maurina and Castro are the fourth set of student representatives on the Elkhorn School Board.

The student council president gets a seat automatically. High school administrators select a second student based on academics, leadership and an application outlining why they want to be in the board.

Those who know the school board representatives regard them as hard-working, dedicated students who are likely to go far.

"She is outgoing, perfectionist. She likes to help people, and she is sweet," mother Lanette Maurina said.

"She's a great kid. Aside from cleaning her bedroom."

Despite being a year and a half from high school graduation, Maurina is already thinking about college. UW-Madison and Northwestern University are among her top choices.

Mary Ames said her son has long been the type to get his hands dirty with community work and helping others.

"He was always the one getting into trouble all the time, and was very much a leader of the gang type of personality," she said. "His gang now is the Elkhorn Student Council."

Castro is planning to attend Bowdoin College in Maine to play for the school's Division 3 football team.

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