Condos: ‘I will hold my end of bargain’

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Kayla Bunge
Saturday, January 23, 2010
— Former Alderman Spyro “Speedo” Condos said he is holding up his end of the deal and is not planning to retake his seat on the Lake Geneva City Council on Monday.

“I resigned … to get the city officials back on the city council and have all frivolous charges dismissed in order to get the city moving forward,” he said Friday. “I didn’t have to do anything, but I felt … I should (resign) to create an election (for the position) in April… I thought the parties involved would hold their ends of the agreement.

“(The mayor) didn’t … but I will hold my end of the bargain.”

Condos on Nov. 30 resigned as part of a court-brokered agreement to put an end to the political battle between Mayor Bill Chesen and city council members Mary Jo Fesenmaier, Arleen Krohn, Penny Roehrer and Tom Spellman.

Condos on Jan. 11 filed a letter with the city to rescind his resignation. He claims Chesen violated the Nov. 25 agreement for Chesen to drop the charges Chesen brought against the four council members. Condos says the Walworth County Sheriff’s Office still is investigating the four council members based on a complaint from Chesen of open meetings violations.

City Attorney Dan Draper declined to comment on the issue.

Condos previously told the Gazette he believes Chesen should have withdrawn his complaint from the sheriff’s office at the same time he agreed to drop the charges against the council members.

Chesen previously told the Gazette he fulfilled the terms of the agreement and believed the sheriff’s investigation into his complaint was over because a detective told him it was complete.

Condos told the Gazette on Friday he plans to attend the city council meeting Monday but does not plan to sit in the council seat he previously held. He said he wrote the letter to rescind his resignation to point out that Chesen “lied” and violated the court-brokered agreement.

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