Janesville wrestlers take second on tournaments

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Gazette Staff
Sunday, January 10, 2010

Janesville Craig and Janesville Parker’s wrestling teams tuned up for this week’s Big Eight Conference dual meet showdown by finishing second in tournaments Saturday.

The Cougars hosted the Craig Invitational and finished second behind Elkhorn. The Elks won the seven-team title with 225 points, while Craig High was second with 210.

Parker went 4-1 at the Delavan-Darien Invitational to finish second behind unbeaten Kenosha Tremper (5-0). The Vikings lost to the Trojans, 54-15, in the championship match.

Siven Furseth led the way for the Cougars. The junior got the 100th win of his career after capturing the 130-pound weight class and improved to 15-0 for the season.

Other individual champions for Craig were Kyle Upmann, 119; Jamie Kumlien, 125; and Chris Pierce, 135.

“We were in the finals at 112 through 140, and I don’t think we expected that. That was a nice surprise,” Craig coach Jeff Kaster said. “It was close all the way through with Elkhorn, but they picked up some points late to win it.

“I told the team afterward that this was a stepping stone to wrestling Parker on Wednesday night. Hopefully, we built up some momentum today.”

Orfordville Parkview’s Alex Hauri was the champion at 103, while Beloit Turner’s Ian Grice (112) and Austin Andrews (140) also won titles.

The champion Elks got titles from Tyler French at 160, Donte Blackburn at 215 and Connor Selver at 285.

Adam Cavey and Aaron Polzin each went 5-0 to lead Parker.

The Vikings defeated Fort Atkinson, Poynette, Milwaukee Hamilton and the host Comets. Parker (4-0 in the Big Eight) will host Craig High on Wednesday night.

Craig Invitational


Elkhorn 225, Janesville Craig 210, Oregon 193, Racine Case 176, Beloit Turner 169, Orfordville Parkview 136, Combridge 89.


103—Title: Alex Hauri (OP) pinned Kyle O`Brien (Ore), 1:15. Third: Colin Leu (JC) pinned Deval Brooks (RC), :30.

112—Title: Ian Grice (BT) pinned Ryan Ruble, 2:17. Third: Robert Dall (Elk) dec. Ryan Cox (OP), 4-0.

119—Title: Kyle Upmann (JC) major dec. over Dylan Jones (BT), 11-2. Third: Dylan Lund (Cam) pinned Manny Chairez (RC), 1:19.

125—Title: Jamie Kumlien (JC) pinned Devin Kinney (Elk), :29. Third: Tyler Hunter (RC) pinned Nick Cawkins (OP), 2:49.

130—Title: Siven Furseth (JC) major dec. over Kyle Mountford (Elk), 11-0. Third: Colton Koch (Cam) pinned Erik Nielsen (RC), 3:48.

135—Title: Chris Pierce (JC) dec. Taylor French (Elk), 10-8/ Third: Kevin Schewe (Ore) dec. Derek Gerber (OP), 7-4.

140—Title: Austin Andrews (BT) pinned Ryan Coleman (JC), 2:20. Third: Jake Sattler (RC) pinned Brock Padley (Ore), 3:44.

145—Title: David Beers (Ore) dec. Josh Frei, 7-2. Third: Jeremy Graham (OP) pinned Mike Fiore, :57.

152—Title: Joe Stetzer (Ore) dec. Jake Stilling (Elk), 13-8. Third: Kyle Allen (BT) pinned Zack Vogt, 2:24.

160—Title: Tyler French (Elk) dec. Eric Walsh (Ore), 7-2. Third: Justin Graham (OP) pinned Adam Resnick (Cam), 5:37.

171—Title: Dustin Lee (Ore) dec. K.C. Verhoeven (Elk), 5-4. Third: Justin Hergins (RC) major dec. over Dylan Shallenberger (BT), 12-0.

189—Title: Kevin Sommers (Ore) dec. Ryan Ross (RC), 9-6. Third: Drilon Grajcevci (JC) pinned Rory Johnson (Elk), 4:56.

215—Title: Donte Blackburn (Elk) pinned Mike Spaulding (JC), 5:48; Third: Jayme Sorenson (RC) dec. Max Sampson (Ore), 6-2.

285—Title: Connor Selvey (Elk) pinned James Higginbotham (OP), 1:27. Third: Godfrey Campbell (RC) pinned Zach Krieger (BT), 6-2.




Kenosha Tremper, 5-0; Janesville Parker, 4-1; Delavan-Darien, 3-2; Milwaukee Hamilton, 2-3; Fort Atkinson, 1-4; Poynette, 0-5.

First Round


103—Austin Gonzalez (P) won by forfeit; 112—Kyle Clarke (FA) dec. Haley Hedgecock, 6-2; 119—Adam Cavey (P) pinned Jacob Held, 3:27; 125—Brennan Casey-Schmidt (P) major dec. over Zach Zach, 11-1; 130—Evan Cavey (P) pinned Josh Dearborn, :40; 135—Brandon Zeilinger (P) dec. Ryan Wiedenhoeft, 11-7; 140—Travis Rucinski (P) pinned Matt Majors, :44.

145—Josh Lindaas (P) pinned Nicholas Achilli, 3:14; 152—Alex Perkins (P) dec. Zach Luebke, 6-0; 160—Lucas Comstock (P) pinned Fred Koehn, 2:18; 171—Anthony Cooper (P) tech. fall over Luke Gundlach, 15-0; 189—Aaron Polzin (P) won by forfeit; 215—Nick Ackerman (P) won by forfeit; 285—Cody Colson (P) pinned Meric Johnson, 1:12.

Second Round


103—Austin Gonzalez (P) pinned Austin Schwarz, 3:46; 112—Adam Cavey (P) pinned Scott Buhler, 1:19; 119—Brennan Casey-Schmidt (P) dec. Jeff Myers, 4-3; 125—Lukus Dittner (D) dec. Evan Cavey, 6-5; 130—Marcus Hudson (DD) major dec. over Brandon Zeilinger, 19-5; 135—Kiefer Bennett (DD) pinned Travis Rucinski, 2:54; 140—Kyndle Bennett (DD) major dec. over Josh Lindaas, 11-1.

145—John Benzon (DD) won by forfeit; 152—David Figueroa (DD) pinned Alex Perkins, 1:57; 160—Lucas Comstock (P) pinned Diego Avila, :27; 171—Paul Holden (DD) major dec. over Anthony Cooper, 12-4; 189—Aaron Polzin (P) pinned Andres Cruz, 1:21; 215—Nick Ackerman (P) pinned Reed Wuttke, 2:151; 285—Cody Colson (P) won by forfeit.

Third Round


103—Austin Gonzalez (P) won by forfeit; 112—Adam Cavey (P) won by forfeit; 119—Brennan Casey-Schmidt (P) pinned Harlan Hernandez, :44; 125—Evan Cavey (P) won by forfeit; 130—Brandon Zeilinger (P) pinned Noe Vital, 3:25; 135—Travis Rucinski (P) won by forfeit; 140—Josh Lindaas (P) won by forfeit.

145—Alex Perkins (P) pinned Ed Matthews, 5:16; 152—Andrew Peterson (H) won by forfeit; 160—Lucas Comstock (P) pinned Julie Crespo, 2:30; 171—Anthony Cooper (P) won by forfeit; 189—Aaron Polzin (P) won by forfeit; 215—Nick Ackerman (P) dec. Shalen Phillips, 9-4; 285—Lavender Blanks (H) pinned Cody Colson, 1:01.

Fourth Round


103—Austin Gonzalez (JP) won by forfeit; 112—Adam Cavey (JP) won by forfeit; 119—Brennan Casey-Schmidt (JP) pinned Emma Falk, 2:49; 125—Evan Cavey (JP) won by forfeit; 130—Brandon Zeilinger (JP) pinned Ryan Malecki, 1:39; 135—Travis Rucinski (JP) pinned Coty Tibbets, :52; 140—Justin Mislivicek (Po) won by forfeit.

145—Josh Lindaas (JP) pinned Jake Annen, 1:08; 152—Alex Perkins (JP) pinned Ryan Murphy, 5:29; 160—Lucas Comstock (JP) won by forfeit; 171—Anthony Cooper (JP) pinned Cody Puntney, :47; 189—Aaron Polzin (JP) pinned John Gundlach, 2:14; 215—Nick Ackerman (JP) pinned Nick Erickson, 1:59; 285—Cody Colson (JP) pinned Garret Schmitz, :38.

Fifth Round


103—Tyler Rice (T) dec. Austin Gonzalez, 9-4; 112—Adam Cavey (P) dec. Jared Nichols, 8-0; 119—Dominic Garcia (T) dec. Brennan Casey-Schmidt, 4-2; 125—Evan Cavey (P) tech. fall over Matt Freeman, 15-0; 130—Trevor Mongeau (T) major dec. over Brandon Zeilinger, 12-2; 135—David Hood (T) tech. fall over Travis Rucinski, 17-2; 140—Levi Horton (T) dec. Josh Lindaas, 8-4.

145—Justin Shepherd (T) won by forfeit; 152—Ty Symoens (T) pinned Alex Perkins, 1:08; 160—Caleb McBeth (T) pinned Lucas Comstock, 3:34; 171—Dan Nieves (T) pinned Anthony Cooper, 1:59; 189—Aaron Polzin (P) pinned Kyle Andraschko, 5:49; 215—Brian Steinbrink (T) pinned Nick Ackerman, 1:51; 285—Najee Parker (T) pinned Cody Colson, :42.


First Round

Kenosha Tremper def. Poynette, 81-0; Delavan-Darien def. Milwaukee Hamilton, 65-16.

Second Round

Kenosha Tremper def. Milwaukee Hamilton, 78-3; Fort Atkinson def. Poynette, 45-28.

Third Round

Kenosha Tremper def. Fort Atkinson, 78-6; Delavan-Darien def. Poynette, 69-12.

Fourth Round

Kenosha Tremper def. Delavan-Darien, 57-9; Milwaukee Hamilton def. Fort Atkinson, 52-27.

Fifth Round

Milwaukee Hamilton def. Poynette 48-30; Delavan-Darien def. Fort Atkinson, 69-9.

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