Proceeds of show will go to Red Cross relief efforts

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Saturday, February 27, 2010
— It’s hard to be serious when you’re singing along to “I Married the Prom Queen.”

Sitting in the beautiful, comfortable auditorium at the Janesville Performing Arts Center—you know, the one that’s been around for ages—it’s hard to feel anything but content and safe.

But then the light crew flashes pictures on the wall of the injured people and crumbled buildings of Haiti, and theatergoers remember why they came to JPAC.

A large crowd clapped along Friday night as 10 local bands and solo artists performed in the “Music for Haiti” benefit concert. The show was sponsored by the United Arts Alliance, SpotLight on Kids and Theatre Unlimited.

If you were unable to attend the show, JATV will be selling DVDs of the performance.

The JPAC lobby was decorated with posters made by elementary school students. Rock County high school students designed the programs and posters advertising the show.

All proceeds from the show and the recording will benefit the American Red Cross efforts in earthquake-ravaged Haiti.

The lineup was broad and included jazz, a string quartet and blues from the band Bop Ritual, which had to run up the street after the show to perform at Time Out.

The song, “I Married the Prom Queen,” was an original, written and performed by the GoDeans, a group of four physicians from the Dean Riverside Clinic.

The group ended the show with “Let It Be.”

The Rev. John Galvan didn’t sing or play any instruments.

But he did pull some heartstrings when he shared stories of his recent relief trip to Carrefour, Haiti. The city is in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area.

Volunteers don’t have to have outstanding skills to make a big difference for Haitian residents, Galvan said. He saw many people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder who needed someone to “love them, cry with them, hold them,” Galvan said.

“Some of the least qualified (volunteers) had the most value to give,” he said.

Galvan, who is a minister at The Father’s House in downtown Janesville, traveled to Haiti with a group of 19 ministers and doctors. On Friday night, he told the audience at JPAC not to believe the news stories about violence and dangerous behavior on the part of the Haitian people.

He and his team carried cases of bottled water through a crowd of 600 people to set up a clinic. The volunteers needed to keep the water for themselves, Galvan said. The thirsty Haitians asked for water, but they were not violent, he said.

Galvan said that every donated dollar makes a difference in a country such as Haiti where the average wage is $1 per day.

“Don’t think giving $10 or whatever you could give tonight doesn’t make a difference,” Galvan said. “It makes a difference.”


JATV recorded Friday night’s “Music for Haiti” benefit concert at Janesville Performing Arts Center. The DVD will be available for $10. All proceeds from the show and the DVD will benefit the American Red Cross Haiti relief efforts.

Call (608) 758-6618.

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