Candidate plans district walk

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010
— Most candidates run for office. Matt Gaboda hopes to walk to victory.

Gaboda, who lives in the Rock County township of Center, is an independent candidate for the 43rd Assembly District seat now held by Kim Hixson, D-Whitewater. Hixson announced earlier he will seek re-election.

Gaboda plans to walk through much of the 43rd district, from Orfordville to Whitewater, in one day. That day is April 3, also known as 4/3.

Gaboda is working the numbers but also the English language in this effort. He sent out a news release saying he will do the legwork for constituents and go the extra mile for them in Madison.

Of course, he won’t be able to walk that walk unless he wins in November.

Conventional wisdom says voters pay scant attention to independents. It also says challengers stand little chance against an incumbent who hasn’t shot himself in the foot. Maybe that’s why Gaboda is trying to get his name recognized even before the April 6 spring elections are out of the way.

In addition to the walk, Gaboda has made unconventional promises on his Web site. He says he won’t run for more than two terms, won’t touch a drop of alcohol for the entire time he is representing the district and will lose 43 pounds by Nov. 2. He says he weighed 220 on New Year’s Day.

In his news release, Gaboda also shows he can pat himself on the back as well as any politician. He calls his April 3 walk “unconventional” “daring” and “grueling.”

“This walk represents what I am about: hard work and originality,” he quotes himself as saying.

Meanwhile, a third candidate has surfaced in the race.

Evan B. Wynn of Whitewater recently registered as Republican candidate for the seat, according to the state Government Accountability Board’s Web site.

The Gazette was not able contact Wynn on Monday.

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