Jobs highlight Assembly Speaker Sheridan's speech to Janesville Rotary

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Stan Stricker
Monday, February 22, 2010

The topic of jobs appears to be dominating Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan's thoughts in the legislature.

During a speech before the Janesville Noon Rotary Club Monday, the Democrat stated the rest of the legislative session will be about jobs. Sheridan used the occasion to list successes he says were supported by job creating incentives. Sheridan also spoke optimistically about plans by General Motors to ramp up production, saying a plant on stand-by in Tennessee is likley to reopen first. Even though a chance remains for the Janesville plant to reopen, Sheridan says it's time to move on and look for other opportunities for economic recovery.

Sheridan only briefly spoke about the fallout from his relationship with a payday loan industry lobbyist. He admitted it had been a tough few weeks recently, but also pointed to legislation he says will better regulate that industry.

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