Beloit Police use Shot-Spotter system

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Steve Benton
Monday, February 15, 2010
— The Beloit Police Department's "Shot-Spotter" system is nearly a year old and police chief, Norm Jacobs says they're still learning to use all of its features.

The system uses a series of microphones placed on the city's east side to triangulate guns shots and other similar noises. The sounds are relayed to the county 911 center, where computers decipher the data, determine the source of the noise and forward the information to officers on the street.

Since last March, the system has recorded over 7,000 incidents, most of which were firecrackers. Jacobs says over 400 of the incidents were identified as gunshots. He says the data can be very helpful in court cases. Jacobs says they'll be able to use more of the resources offered by the Shot-Spotter system once the county 911 system expands their bandwidth. He also wants to expand the system into the west side of the city.

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