Boy’s overdose death could result in reckless homicide charge

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Ted Sullivan
Saturday, February 13, 2010

Investigators could arrest someone on a reckless homicide charge if they can learn the source of the prescription drugs that killed a 13-year-old Milton Township boy.

Alexander Aiken, 13, was found dead Tuesday in his home at 1619 E. Road 1 after overdosing on OxyContin, said his mother, Jennifer Bethel. An hour later, his 13-year-old friend was hospitalized after reportedly suffering an overdose.

Aiken was a seventh-grader at Edgerton Middle School, and his mother said he got the drugs from a friend after school.

Investigators are trying to trace the origin of the drugs, but they donít believe they came from Aikenís home, Rock County Sheriffís Capt. Todd Christiansen said.

The drugs were passed through a friend, Christiansen confirmed, but investigators are getting conflicting statements about where they came from.

Anyone who provided the drug could be charged with reckless homicide under Wisconsinís Len Bias law, he said.

The death remains under investigation, Christiansen said, and no arrests have been made.

An autopsy was done Tuesday to determine Aikenís cause of death.

Autopsy and toxicology results wonít return for several weeks.

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