Sex education on school board agenda Tuesday

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Saturday, February 6, 2010
— Sex education will be a topic at the Janesville School Boardís meeting Tuesday.

The boardís legislative committee is scheduled to discuss state legislation that would end abstinence-only sex-ed curriculums.

Abstinence still would be taught, but so would contraception.

Janesvilleís curriculum is not abstinence-only, but it emphasizes abstinence, said board member Bill Sodemann, who served on a committee that reviewed the curriculum last year.

Sodemann asked for the discussion Tuesday, even though he said itís probably too late to stop the bill from landing on the governorís desk.

Sodemann said the bill takes power from local schools to set their own programs, and he criticized local Democratic lawmakers who he said have endorsed local control but voted for this bill anyway.

Sodemann also objects to a provision that would forbid teachers from saying that itís wrong for teens to have sex.

Parents would still be able to remove their children from sex-education classes, as they can now.

Both the Assembly and Senate have approved the bill, but the Assembly must vote on it again because the Senate amended it. The Senate amendment would require teachers to tell students they could wind up as registered sex offenders for having sex with someone younger than 16.

Also on the boardís agenda is discussion on the 2010-11 budget, including a proposal from board member Diedre Richard that zero-based budgeting replace the current method.

Now, the budget is largely based on the previous yearís budget. Zero-based budgeting requires each spending item to be justified and approved.

The meeting begins at 6 p.m. at the Educational Services Center, 527 S. Franklin St.

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