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Kiwanis contest not yet put on ice

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Catherine W. Idzerda
Tuesday, February 2, 2010
— Here’s how we know spring is here: Snowdrops bloom, snowy sidewalks turn to slushy ones, and the Suburban falls through the ice.

Sales of the Blackhawk Golden K Kiwanis Club’s truck-on-ice tickets started in January, but the truck has not yet appeared on the Traxler Lagoon.

As most locals know, the truck-on-ice event involves guessing the date and time the Suburban shell will go through the ice on the lagoon.

“We want you to tell us when spring will come,” joked Bob Johnson, committee member.

The winner gets $3,000.

So where’s the truck?

“We’re going to put the truck out there as soon as the city gives us permission,” said Bob Johnson, truck-on-ice committee member. “We’re hoping that will happen later this week.”

Ironically, the problem was winter weather.

“We had a huge snow blanket that was preventing the ice from freezing down deep enough,” Johnson said.

Some of that snow cover has disappeared, and the freezing temperatures that made us miserable made the Golden K’s happy.

Whatever happens, the truck has to be on the ice before Feb. 11 or the “guess the date” event turns into a simple raffle, and that’s just not as much fun.

The state requires raffles to have beginning and end dates, and Feb. 10 is the last legal day for truck-on-ice ticket sales, Johnson said.

Raffle tickets are crucial for the Golden K’s programming.

This year, the Golden K hopes to give 20 scholarships of $500 each to Blackhawk Technical College and UW-Rock County students. They also hope to help fund more than 15,000 elementary school breakfast club meals.

“We’re hoping to do very well this year,” Johnson said.


Tickets for the truck-on-ice raffle are $10 for three or $20 for eight and are available at Mac’s Pizza Shack, Davis Towing, Educational Employees Credit Union and My Apartment.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the Golden K’s will also be selling tickets at Blackhawk Community Credit Union on West Court Street and at Lion’s Quick Mart at the corner of highways 14 and 51.

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