Worker rescues cat with tail tangled in power line

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Gazette staff
Friday, December 31, 2010
— A cat dangled by its tail from a power line on Janesvilleís east side for at least an hour Thursday before it was rescued.

The Janesville Fire Department was called to 1625 Randolph Road at 1:40 p.m. Thursday. A renter in an apartment building had noticed the cat, approached it, saw it was wriggling and called 911.

The catís tail was wrapped around the line, apparently held there by friction, the same way a whip can hold tight to an object it is wound around, said fire department Shift Cmdr. Scott Morovits.

The fire department called Alliant Energy, which is normal procedure for dealing with power lines. Alliant brought a boom truck and a worker lifted the cat, allowing the tail to unwind, Morovits said.

The cat seemed agitated but healthy afterward, he said. The Rock County Humane Society is taking care of it.

Morovits said it was unknown how long the cat was on the wire before it was noticed.

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