Two familiar names tapped for Walker administration

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Friday, December 31, 2010

Two people with local connections have been named to jobs in Gov.-elect Scott Walker’s administration.

Stephanie Klett of Beloit was named Friday to be Walker’s secretary of tourism.

Cabinet secretaries must be confirmed by the state Senate.

Brett Davis of Oregon was named Medicaid director in the Department of Health Services.

Davis, 35, is stepping down from his seat as the 80th Assembly District representative, which he held since 2005. The district includes parts of Green and Rock counties.

Davis ran unsuccessfully for lieutenant governor in the Republican primary this year.

Davis said he’ll oversee all the Medical Assistance programs, and the challenge will be to cut costs while providing care to the state’s most vulnerable residents.

Medical Assistance, which includes BadgerCare Plus and other programs, accounts for about 10 percent of the state’s $60 billion budget, and with a projected budget deficit around $3 billion, those programs will have to be looked at, Davis said.

“All options have to be on the table right now,” Davis said.

“It’s a big job that I’ve been asked to do, and I’m excited to serve,” he added.

Klett, of Beloit, has hosted the “Discover Wisconsin” TV series since 1993. In 1994, she took over writing, researching and hosting duties of the “Discover Wisconsin” radio series.

Klett won the title of Miss Wisconsin in 1992.

Klett founded and is president of Spotlight on Wisconsin, which has raised money for charitable causes, according to the “Discover Wisconsin” website.

Klett has a degree in philosophy and theater arts/communications from Beloit College.

The parent company of Discover Wisconsin, Discover Mediaworks, was closed on Thursday afternoon, and nobody there could be reached for comment.

“I’m looking forward to working with Governor Walker, who truly understands the power of tourism and its vital economic impact,” Klett said in a news release.

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