Looking ahead: Should be better, could be verse

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Rick Horowitz
Thursday, December 30, 2010

Here’s hoping that the new year brings you all the joy that you deserve,

And tires that grip the road ahead to let you handle every curve.

Here’s hoping that your job is safe, your health robust, your mortgage paid,

Here’s hoping that you never have to hear the words "Mistakes were made."

Here’s hoping that your warranties last longer than your products do,

Here’s hoping the patrol car in your rear-view isn’t after you.

Here’s hoping for a lasting peace, a common bond, a noble goal,

Here’s hoping that BP learns how to stick a plug inside a hole.

Here’s hoping for a ray of sunshine breaking through your darkest dark.

(Here’s hoping for a whole lot less from Sarah P., The Queen of Snark.)

Here’s hoping that your Powerball selections won’t be always cursed,

Here’s hoping politicians ditch the stunts and put the country first.

Here’s hoping that a tank of gas costs something less than 50 bucks,

And crazy people in the street won’t tell you how the planet sucks.

Here’s hoping that the kids remember half of what you’d like them to.

(Here’s hoping that the things they don’t forget are even partly true.)

Here’s hoping for the coldest beer, the finest wine, the smoothest Scotch,

Here’s hoping that the Shouting Heads of Cable turn it down a notch.

Here’s hoping that you see the ones you love through warm and gentle eyes,

And when you see you’re in the wrong, you’ll manage to apologize.

Here’s hoping that the days to come are better than the days behind,

That someone makes you smile (or giggle!) even if you’re not inclined.

Here’s hoping, just to sum it up, that you enjoy the best of times,

A new year bright with promise—and a basket of your favorite rhymes.

Rick Horowitz is a syndicated columnist. You can write to him at rickhoro@execpc.com.

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