Officials: Resort worker caught using phony ID

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Darryl Enriquez
Tuesday, December 7, 2010
— An undocumented worker accused of accepting another man's name, Social Security number and child support payments to get a job at the Abbey Resort in Fontana will face a preliminary hearing Jan. 5 on a felony charge of identity theft.

Prosecutors say Francisco A. Diaz-Hernandez, 29, Walworth, posed as Arturo P. Sanchez, a man he had met at a party. The two struck an agreement that Diaz-Hernandez would use Sanchez's credentials if Hernandez allowed $50 a week to be deducted from his paycheck for Sanchez's child support.

Prosecutors say a state Department of Workforce Development investigator checked into Sanchez, 31, who had collected unemployment for two years while reportedly working at the Abbey, too.

According to a criminal complaint:

The investigator found the real Sanchez, who verified that he had never worked at the Abbey. Management at the Abbey confirmed that the real Sanchez had never worked there.

In early November, a Fontana police officer went to the docks at the Abbey and confronted Diaz-Hernandez, who denied he was Sanchez.

When questioned further, he claimed he was Sanchez.

At the police department, he admitted he was Diaz-Hernandez.

Diaz-Hernandez told police that he paid a man $1,500 about 10 years ago to help him cross the Mexican-American border. The man gave Hernandez a Social Security number. He used that number to get a job at Delco Metals in Delavan, where he worked for five years before his job was terminated.

Diaz-Hernandez told police he then met Sanchez, who gave him a Wisconsin driver's license and helped him complete application forms to get a job at the Abbey.

Diaz-Hernandez said he knew using a false Social Security number was against the law. If convicted of the felony offense, he could face up to six years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. He also could be deported.

Diaz-Hernandez is free on $2,000 cash bail.

According to state records, Sanchez paid $237 in unemployment benefits back to the state. No criminal charges have been filed against Sanchez in this case. It could not be immediately learned if charges were pending.

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