Messy burglar gets jail term

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Gazette Staff
Tuesday, December 7, 2010
— Always make the bed and clean the dishes.

Or else.

An Elkhorn man was placed on four years probation and ordered to spend 10 months in the Walworth County Jail for breaking into a home and stealing jewelry.

Police were led to Justin Knowlton, 18, by an empty rum bottle, drinking glasses and a messy bed, according to a criminal complaint.

Prior to taking three bracelets, Knowlton had sex with his girlfriend on the homeowners' bed, smoked pot and drank a bottle of rum, according to a criminal complaint.

Police lifted fingerprints from the glasses used to drink the rum and DNA from the bed sheets.

Knowlton pleaded guilty in September to a charge of burglary for the Jan. 21 break-in. He was sentenced Dec. 1 by Judge Robert Kennedy.

Knowlton's sentence includes punishment for an unrelated child abuse charge.

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