Fitchburg man breaks Varsity Lanes record

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010
— Matt Ruhland made it a day to remember at Varsity Lanes in Milton.

The Fitchburg resident, a 27-year-old right-hander, broke the center’s record for a three-game series by bowling an 863 here Sunday in the Southern Wisconsin Traveling League.

Ruhland missed bowling “immortality”—three perfect games for a 900 series—by only three shots. He had 297, 266 and 300 games to easily surpass the house record of 828, bowled by Jason Uhlman in 2008.

“The first game, the last ball I just got too wide and missed the headpin,” Ruhland said. “Then, the second game, I started with the first eight strikes before leaving a 10 pin in the ninth frame. Then I missed it, but I was able to double in the 10th before leaving another 10 pin.

“The last game, I was solid. Everything just felt good.”

As for the series, “I played the lanes the same all day, maybe moving two boards total,” he said.

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