Craig wrestlers take third in Oconomowoc tournament

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Gazette Staff
December 5, 2010
— Janesville Craig High School wrestlers finished third in the Oconomowoc Invitational on Saturday.

Senior Siven Furseth, the defending 130-pound state champion, posted a 5-0 record at 140 pounds. Furseth’s victories included a win over Muskego’s Tyler Quartuloo, whom Furseth defeated in the state quarterfinals last season.

Craig senior Chris Pierce also had a 5-0 record. Cougar seniors Kyle Upmann and Jamie Kumlien and freshman Zach Mulrooney each posted 4-1 marks at 130, 125 and 145 pounds, respectively.

“We finished third as a team, and it was pretty big thrill,” said Mark Mullen, who made his debut as Craig’s head coach. “It is our best finish here.’’

Craig defeated Baraboo, 39-30; Oconomowoc II, 32-12; and Wilmot 46-32. The Cougars lost to eighth-ranked Hartland Arrowhead, 60-18, and fifth-ranked Muskego, 47-22.

Parker second

Janesville Parker High finished second at its Parker Invitational wrestling meet on Saturday.

Parker seniors Brennan Casey-Schmidt and Adam Cavey posted 5-0 records at 130 and 125 pounds respectively.

Oconomowoc Invitational


Hartland Arrowhead, 5-0; Muskego, 4-1; Janesville Craig, 3-2; Oconmowoc, 3-2; Wilmot, 2-3; Baraboo, 2-3; Oconomowoc II, 1-4; Cedarburg, 0-5.


Arrowhead def. Cooney Team II, 78-0; Janesville Craig def. Baraboo, 39-30; Wilmot def. Cedarburg, 68-6; Muskego def. Oconomowoc 43-30.


Arrowhead def. Baraboo, 49-21; Janesville Craig def. Oconomowoc II, 72-12; Wilmot def. Oconomowoc, 44-27; Muskego def. Cedarburg, 79-0.


Arrowhead def. Janesville Craig, 60-18; Baraboo def. Ocomomowoc II, 60-15; Muskego def.Wilmot, 44-35; Oconomowoc defeated Cedarburg, 76-6.’


Arrowhead def. Wilmot, 52-26; Muskego def. Janesville Craig, 47-22; Baraboo def. Cedarburg, 73-6; Oconomowoc def. Oconomowoc II, 62-6.


Arrowhead def. Muskego, 37-30; Janesville Craig def. Wilmot, 42-26; Oconomowoc def. Baraboo, 37-36; Oconomowoc II def. Cedarburg, 54-18.


103—Anthony Skrede (JC) won by forfeit. 112—Colin Leu (JC) dec. Willy Pierce, 8-6. 119—Hunter Mulock (B) pinned Ryan Ruble, :30. 12—Jamie Kumlien (JC) pinned Ely Flesch, :29. 130—Kyle Upmann (JC) pinned Calvin Holloway, 2:43. 135—Chris Pierce (JC) pinned Kolt Bode , 2:28. 140—Siven Furseth (JC) pinned Nathan Thompson, 1:03

145—Zach Mulrooney (JC) dec. Eli Klemm, 11-8. 152—Mubarak Kiyamov (B) pinned Chris Kubiak, :27. 160—Austin Clay (JC) dec. Taylor Shuster, 7-2. 171—Dakota Daniels (B) dec. Nate Mathers, 7-5. 189—Adair Ebright (B) dec. Zak Kurtz, 3-0. 215—Alex Dalziel (B) pinned Tyler Chilson, 18. 285—Jordan Mukite (B) pinned Dakota Pearson, :44.

n Starting weight—103.


103—Anthony Skrede (JC) pinned Nick Brenning, :45. 112—Colin Leu (JC) won by forfeit. 119—Ryan Ruble (JC) pinned Jake Ulik , 4:48. 125—Jamie Kumlien (JC) pinned Tim O’Dowd, :46. 130—Kyle Upmann (JC) pinned Cody Jensen, 2:55. 135—Chris Pierce (JC) pinned Matt Dorney, :23. 140—Siven Furseth (JC) pinned Alex Graeff, 1:02.

145—Max Schmidt (O) pinned Bryce Loveland, 2:45. 152—Zach Mulrooney (JC) pinned Zac Adair, 1:58. 160—Kevin Perez (O) pinned Austin Clay, 3:56. 171—Nate Mathers (JC) pinnedShephard, :57. 189—Zak Kurtz (JC) won by forfeit. 215—Tyler Chilson (JC) pinned Gabe Rausch, :45. 285—Dakota Pearson (JC) won by forfeit.

n Starting weight—112.


103—Andrew Crone (A) pinned Anthony Skrede, :31. 112—Mark Landsgaard (A) pinned Colin Leu, 1:23. 119—Cory Cinelli (A) pinned Ryan Ruble, 2:22. 125—Kyle Upmann (JC) pinned Justin Brzeczkowski, 3:58. 130—Adam Yde (A) pinned Jamie Kumlien, 4:34. 135—Chris Pierce (JC) dec. Mitchell Berenz, 8-6, 140—Siven Furseth (JC) pinned Jake Nelson, 1:25. 145—Curtis Corlett (A) pinned Bryce Loveland, 2:25. 152—Jake Sueflohn (A) pinnedZach Mulrooney, 3:14. 160—Mitchell Anderson (A) pinned Austin Clay, 1:12. 171—Nate Mathers (JC) dec. Danny Schnick, 7-1.

189—Shane Hughes (A) pinned Zak Kurtz, 3:49. 215—Zak Ryder (A) pinned Tyler Chilson, :43. 285—Austin Gatchel (A) pinned Dakota Pearson, 1:24.

n Starting weight—119.


103—Austin Quartullo (M) major dec. over Anthony Skrede, 11-3. 112—Tyler Sinda (M) pinned Colin Leu, 3:47. 119—Connor Price (M) pinned Ryan Ruble, 2:39. 125—Justin Scherkenbach (M) pinned Kyle Upmann, :45. 130—Jamie Kumlien (JC) pinned Tyler Dotzler, 1:37. 135—Chris Pierce (JC) major dec. over Ryan Zainer, 15-6. 140—Siven Furseth (JC) dec. Tyler Quartullo, 3-0.

145—Zach Mulrooney (JC) pinned Eric Luedtke, :16. 152—Adam Navarro (M) major dec. over Chris Kubiak, 10-2. 160—Drew Lederman (M) pinned Austin Clay, 3:25. 171—Nate Mathers (JC) dec. Ryan Honerlaw, 9-2. 189—Roland Dunlap (M) pinned Zak Kurtz, 1:40. 215—Jordan Gruettner (M) pinned Tyler Chilson, :09. 285—Chris Jankowski (M) dec. Dakota Pearson, 5-3.

n Starting weight—125.


103—Anthony Skrede (JC) pinned Maiter, :15. 112—Gabe Rodriguez (W) pinned Colin Leu, 1:00. 119—Ryan Ruble (JC) dec. Tim O`Dowd, 7-4.

125—Jamie Kumlien (JC) dec. Kyle Severt, 13-12. 130—Kyle Upmann (JC tech. fall over Jon Rogalski, 16-1. 135—Chris Pierce (JC) pinned Zach Robinson, 1:45. 140—Siven Furseth (JC) major dec. over Adam Neal, 11-0.

145—Zach Mulrooney (JC) pinned Sawyer Tisch, :59. 152—Ryan Gartner (W) major dec. over Chris Kubiak, 21-10. 160—Matthew Gray (W) pinned Austin Clay, :41. 171—James Huey (W) major dec. over Nate Mathers, 11-0. 189—Zak Kurtz (JC) dec. Justin Russel, 11-9. 215—Heath Gascoigne (W) pinned Tyler Chilson, :23. 285—Dakota Pearson (JC) pinned David Schwarz, 1:13.

n Starting weight—130.

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