Public record for Aug. 16, 2010

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Gazette Staff
Monday, August 16, 2010
Rock County

-- KYLE D. ATWOOD, 31, Beloit, and LARRY R. GEE JR., 32, Beloit, on Sunday at the Janesville Police Department on charges of burglary, criminal damage to property, attempted theft and theft. They are accused of doing car break-ins and burglaries in northeast Janesville.

Rock County Court

-- BRIAN J. RUHL, 610 Casey Lane, Walworth, speeding, $175.

-- BELINDA M. SCHAFFITZEL, 9027 County F, Edgerton, operating without carrying license, $175.

-- CORY C. SCHEIDEGGER, 1541 Ashland Ave., Janesville, fraud innkeeper/gas station, $264.

-- FLOYD T. SCHMIDT, 1334 S. Pearl St., Janesville, failure to yield while making left turn, $175.

-- CLINTON R. SCHUETZ, 314 E. Samuelson Drive, Edgerton, operating while intoxicated first violation, $723, license revocation and alcohol assessment.

-- KELLY R. SCHULTZ, 5429 E. Clayshire Drive, Milton, battery, $390.

-- DAVID W. SCHUMACHER, 101 N. Clear Lake Ave., Milton, failure to yield right of way from stop sign, $175.

-- LISA D. SEXTON, 3209 Turnberry Drive, Janesville, speeding, $175.

-- ALEXANDER J. SHANAHAN, 1117 Blackhawk Drive, Fort Atkinson, speeding, $226.

-- STEVEN M. SHAW, 3626 Stuart St., No. 2, Janesville, improper signal for stop/turn, $264.

-- AMBER L. SHERMAN, 115 S. Locust St., Janesville, speeding, $175.

-- BONNIE J. SKELDING, 4137 Eastridge Drive, Janesville, operator violating red traffic light, $175.

-- CLAYTON K. SMITH, 9402 N. Evansville-Brooklyn Road, Evansville, operating while suspended and inattentive driving, $389.

-- SCOTT M. SOLNER, N6311 N. Johnson Road, Delavan, retail theft, $375.

-- SAMANTHA J. STEINHOFF, Pell Lake, speeding, $201.

-- AARON M. STUDEBAKER, 176 N. Janesville St., Milton, operating vehicle by permittee without parent, $201.

-- CHAD A SULLIVAN, 220 Foxglove Lane, Milton, speeding, $251.

-- ROBERT L. SYMPSON JR., 5818 Highway 51, Janesville, domestic property damage, $364.

-- JARRED E. TALBERT, 5449 N. Sable Drive, Milton, unsafe passing on right, $232.

-- LAWRENCE M. TAORMINO, 3520 E. Thomas St., Milton, theft, $264.

-- ANTHONY TAYLOR, 2521 Holiday Drive, Janesville, operating while suspended third violation, $201.

-- TIFFANY R. TOPP, 1124 Terapin Trail, Janesville, inattentive driving, $175.

-- ERIN J. THOMAS, 3832 Braemore Drive, Janesville, speeding, $175.

-- ALFREDO VALENCIA-CHAVEZ, 1923 Holiday Drive, No.5, Janesville, driver keeping open intoxicants in vehicle, $264.

-- CONNIE L. VANDERLINDEN, 1733 S. Arch St., Janesville, speeding, $175.

-- NAKITA M. VILLAR, 3209 Turnberry Drive, Janesville, speeding, $175.

-- KIRSTEN R. VINYETA, Madison, speeding, $175.

-- TERRENCE E. VOSBERG JR., Mc Farland, speeding, $175.

-- JOSEPH E. WALDROP, 1336 Laramie Lane, Janesville, displaying false registration plate, operating while revoked, failure to wear seatbelt and non-registration of automobile, $650.

-- BERNADIN J. WATTERS, 161 Linn St., Janesville, disorderly conduct, $390.

-- JOHN A. WEGENER, Spring Grove, Ill., speeding, $175.

-- DARRYL K. WHEELER, 442 N. Pine St., Janesville, operating while revoked, $201.

-- DONNA L. WESTLIND, Madison, inattentive driving and failure to wear seatbelt, $198.

Rock County Marriages

-- Ryan Bergeman and Bethany Grigsby, both of Blacklick, Ohio.

-- Dean Dimiceli and Sandra Tooley, both of Janesville.

-- Christopher Olson and Michelle Hertz, both of Beloit.

-- Michael Walmer, Edgerton, and Chelsea Felton, Pleasant Springs.

-- Jamie Ryan and Amy Lawrence, both of Rock.

-- Lucas Alexander and Sara Bushman, both of Milton.

-- Keith Shultz and KaLinda Lozoya, both of Beloit.

-- Todd Bickle, Janesville, and Melissa Hawks, both of Beloit,

-- Gregory Grover and Stephanie Ohman, both of Janesville.

-- Milton Cudney Jr and Shawn Windholz, both of Beloit.

-- Steven Phillips and Stefanie Farrar, both of Milton.

-- Marty Johnson, Silver Springs, Md., and Leslie Morris, Dumfries, Va.

-- Ryan Kenny, Janesville, and Jessica Helgestad, Edgerton.

-- Anthony Ambrose and Emily Brunson, both of Beloit.

-- Luke Steurer and Amanda Piper, both of Janesville.

-- Timothy Blanke and Rebecca Fitzpatrick, both of Fulton.

-- Jonathan Emery, Evansville, and Renee Sarow, Highland Park, Ill.

-- Matthew Norman and Jodie Allen, both of Janesville.

-- Charles Schneider and Catherine Schaumberg, both of Johnstown.

-- Joseph Bentancur and Amy Wren, both of Edgerton.

-- Eric Murley and Jenelle Yaun, both of Loves Park, Ill.

-- Kyle Wallisch and Mary Hoium, both of Rock.

-- Jonathan Deaton and Jessie Hanan, both of Janesville.

-- Adam Skolaski and Amy Wilfer, both of Janesville.

-- Chad Ochs and Kelli Barsness, both of Milton.

-- Michael Singleton and Cassandra Fisher, both of Edgerton.

-- Joshua Clark and Danielle Soergel, both of Janesville.

-- Lawrence Lynch and Christina Frayer, both of Janesville.

-- Jeffrey Bown, Janesville Township, and Carey Byers, South Beloit, Ill.

-- Jason Sheridan and Amy Stage, both of Janesville.

-- Shawn Campbell and Amber Troon, both of Janesville.

-- Terrance Robinson, Beloit, and Marci Lundberg, Belvidere, Ill.

-- Mitchell Juhl and Marie Dimario, both of Roscoe, Ill.

-- Cory Borgen and Aimee Beth Buschmann, both of Carol Stream, Ill.

-- Joshua Nelson and Amanda Lacoursiere, both of Janesville.

-- Joshua Kohlman and Catherine Galica, both of Evansville.

-- Ashland Markin and Denae Johnston, both of Beloit.

-- Christopher Colby and Ruth Ledger, both of Rock.

-- Christopher Denniston and Jackie Schliewe, both of Milton.

-- Michael Heine and Gina Duwe, both of Janesville.

-- Ryan Perkins and Sadie Dangerfield, both of Beloit.

-- Chadd Thiering and Leah Mc Millan, both of Beloit.

-- Benny Guerra and Renee Wagner, both of Janesville.

-- Brent Gilbertson and Amanda Vorse, both of Janesville.

-- Michael Head and Shannon Zimmerman, both of Beloit.

-- Jordan Hedgecock and Bianca Hamilton, both of Janesville.

-- David Wendt and Pamela Mashinter, both of Milton.

-- Joseph Jones and Emily Blazek, both of La Prairie.

-- Gregory Fernette and Tara Kasper, both of Janesville.

-- Joshua Shepherd and Alicia Tessman, both of Janesville.

-- Justin Bloom and Tanya Thiele, both of Janesville.

-- Roger Schmidt and Julie Bryant, both of Union Township.

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