Walworth County judge gives stalker 90 days in jail

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Thursday, August 12, 2010
— A Whitewater man accused of sending threatening letters to the woman who lived downstairs from him will spend 90 days in jail, a Walworth County Judge ruled Wednesday.

David Duvair, 49, in April pleaded not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect to one felony count of stalking and two misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct.

But Duvair on Wednesday pleaded guilty to the stalking charge, and the disorderly conduct charges were dismissed but read into the court record. He was sentenced to 90 days in jail with work-release privileges and three years probation.

Duvair is accused of sending a threatening letters to the woman in April 2009. He said he wanted to stab her with a butcher knife so he could be sent to prison and be raped by male inmates. He also asked to meet her.

The woman called Whitewater police, and a detective asked her to agree to meet the man who sent the letter.

The woman posted a specifically worded note on a bulletin board above her mailbox as the man requested in the letter. The woman noticed the note was gone two days later, and she told police she was scared.

Duvair is accused of sending a second threatening letter to the woman in June 2009. He thanked her for answering his first letter and said he still might need to stab her so he could be sodomized in prison.

Police dusted the letters for fingerprints but found none. They were stumped.

A detective in March came across notes from another officer about an encounter with Duvair in another case. The detective noticed the thoughts expressed by Duvair in the other case were similar to those expressed by the letter writer in the stalking case.

Duvair confessed to the crime. He said he wore gloves, typed the letters on a typewriter and used self-adhesive envelopes and stamps so he wouldn't leave any DNA evidence.

Duvair told police he "has fantasies of stabbing women and then becomes aroused thinking of those women thinking about him being raped in prison."

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