Lindau removed from TAGOS

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010
— The former dean of a Janesville charter school has been reassigned jobs as the result of an investigation into whether he made a sexual comment at a picnic for students.

A district employee accused Al Lindau, former TAGOS Academy dean, of calling a hot dog a "wiener," according to a report written by Angel Tullar, the district's manager of employee relations.

Students and district employees heard the word, the report states.

Lindau has worked at TAGOS since 2007. He will start work this fall as a program support teacher under the supervision of the special education department. The position supports special education teachers, according to a statement written by district spokeswoman Sheryl Miller.

On Monday, Miller could not say if the change will result in a pay cut for Lindau.

Lindau was placed on administrative leave from May 11 to May 17 during the investigation.

Tullar recommended that a letter of reprimand be placed in Lindau's personnel file, the report states. Miller said she could not confirm if a letter had been filed because it was a personnel matter.

In response to a request from the Gazette filed under the state Open Records Law, the school district released a copy of the three-page report with all names other than Lindau's blacked out.

According to the report, an employee and about 15 students were in line to get a hot dog at a May 6 picnic for charter school students.

Lindau held a hotdog with grilling tongs, pointed toward an employee's plate and said, "(Name redacted,) you want a wiener?" according to the report.

About seven students giggled and commented, the report states.

The employee also showed district officials a May 5 e-mail from Lindau to the employee in which Lindau wrote the phrase "your place or mine?"

The employee "felt both of these situations had sexual connotations that made the employee feel very uneasy around" Lindau, the report states.

Two employees interviewed during the investigation said they did not hear Lindau say, "wiener." Two others said they did.

Students also heard it, according to the report.

Lindau told investigators he did say "wiener" but had no negative intent. He was unaware of any negative student reaction, he said.

No students or parents were interviewed, according to a statement the district released about the report.

Lindau is one of two district employees with supervisory duties to be investigated this year.

Former Jackson Elementary School Principal John Walczak said the district fired him in July after an investigation. The district has not said why Walczak was investigated.

The Gazette requested the investigative documents, but Walczak has filed a request in Rock County Court to block the release of the records.

The Gazette's attorney has filed a motion to intervene, and a judge has 30 days to decide whether to release the records.

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