Mock crash shows students the possible outcome of risky behavior

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Steve Benton
Wednesday, April 28, 2010
— The Janesville school district continues to be proactive with their pre-prom message of non-risky behavior for students.

The vehicle for the message is the annual mock crash, which was staged at Parker High School Wednesday morning. Junior and senior class members watched as personnel from local local police and fire departments, State Patrol, coroner's office and a local funeral home, responded to what was portrayed as a rollover accident with one fatality.

Stephanie Filter, social worker at Parker, says it's good to let students know that the community is concerned for their safety. Assistant Principal at the school, Dan Keyser, says in the past, students have reported risky behavior on the part of other students and staff was able to intervene. School counselor, Mary Ross, says the mock crash helps the student sitting on the fence make the right decision. And Parker science teacher, Dave Groth, says not only does the mock crash send the right message about the possible outcome of risky behavior, but also gives students ideas about possible career paths as they witness emergency services personnel responding to the mock crash.

Next year's mock crash will be held at Craig high school.

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