Knipp joins GOP field for 44th District seat

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010
— A third Republican has announced his candidacy for the 44th Assembly District seat held by Rep. Mike Sheridan.

Charles Knipp, a former Janesville city assessor, said voters have a chance this fall to send a clear message: “Behave yourself and reduce government spending.”

Knipp lives in Madison but said that if elected he would establish residency in the district.

He describes himself as an independent reform Republican who is financially conservative but more moderate on social issues.

Knipp ran unsuccessfully for the seat in 2004 as an independent.

In a news release, Knipp said his family has a long history in Janesville. He has graduate degrees in business administration and management and associate degrees in finance, accounting and data processing.

“I’ve also learned a great deal in the school of hard knocks conducted by the United States Army and various life experiences,” he said. “It’s taught me to budget, prioritize and differentiate between niceties and necessities.

“… In essence, I’ve been hired, fired, laid off, turned down, collected unemployment more than once, belonged to three different unions, occupied line and staff positions, been retrained, cross-trained and happily married and truly enjoy retirement.”

Knipp said he can work with almost anyone and is not necessarily for or against any particular issue.

“We definitely require more effective and cost-efficient government performance on all levels and areas,” he said. “Business, government and labor have to get on the same page and communicate in a civil manner.

“Elected state government officials cannot continue to treat both business and taxpayers as their piggy bank or our problems will escalate.”

At this point, Knipp would face Ken Brotheridge and Joe Knilans in a Sept 14 primary. The general election is Nov. 2.

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