Proposal in Delavan Township could be 633 homes on 250 acres

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Friday, April 23, 2010
— Three years after Sho-Deen scrapped plans to develop the Delavan Lake inlet, new, smaller plans are in the works.

The proposal isn’t finished yet, but the Geneva, Ill., developer is planning a conservation development on up to 250 acres near Mound Road and County F in Delavan Township, President Dave Patzelt said.

An April 8 revision of the plan includes 633 homes. Patzelt describes the document, which was submitted to the town and the county, as a work in progress. The number of homes in the plan won’t be finalized until after the Walworth County Zoning Agency tours the site, Patzelt said.

The agency on Tuesday will set a date for the tour, Patzelt said.

The development would be named the Shores of Delavan Lake.

The previous plan for a 4,770-unit residential development on 2,000 acres of the Delavan Lake inlet was hotly debated in the town for years until Sho-Deen withdrew the project in April 2007.

The town budgeted $75,000 in 2007 to research incorporation as a way to prevent the development from becoming part of the cities of Elkhorn or Delavan.

The town’s planning commission studied the development for 18 months. But things were delayed in April 2007 when the town board’s membership turned over almost entirely through elections and resignations.

After the turnover, the board’s makeup was less friendly toward the developer, and Sho-Deen withdrew the proposal. At the time, Sho-Deen stated in a news release it would wait for the new board members to settle in and would come back with a plan to address concerns raised by residents.

The 250-acre site near Mound Road and County F is zoned residential, but a conservation development such as the one that will be proposed requires a conditional-use permit, Patzelt said. Such developments cluster homes to maximize the amount of green space left undeveloped.

A conditional-use permit is required because the clusters would exceed the county’s development density caps.

After a site walk-through by the zoning agency, Sho-Deen will submit finalized plans to the county—hopefully May 5, Patzelt said.

While the county will have the final say on the permit, town input will be required, Delavan Town Administrator John Olson said. The application could be on the town’s planning commission agenda in May or June, Olson said.

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