Magazine sellers not from UW-W

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Kayla Bunge
Thursday, April 22, 2010
— College-aged people who say they are selling magazine subscriptions as a fundraiser for UW-Whitewater are not connected to the university, officials said.

Barb Penington, chairwoman of the UW-Whitewater Communication Department, said she received two reports in the last two weeks from people who were asked to buy magazines to support the department.

The first report came about two weeks ago from a Janesville man, a UW-Whitewater alumnus, who said two people who appeared to be college students came to his door and told him they were selling magazines for the Communication Department at UW-Whitewater.

Penington sent an e-mail to faculty and staff in the department asking if they or any student organizations they advise were conducting such a fundraiser. They replied that they were not.

The second report came last week from a woman in Hartland who said almost the same thing. She also said that the sellers would accept only cash.

Penington said the Communication Department has never done a magazine subscription fundraiser. Sara Kuhl, director of marketing and media relations at UW-Whitewater, said the university does not typically conduct such a fundraiser.

University officials are alerting people in area communities about the incidents because it appears the supposed fundraiser is a scam. They urged residents who are approached to contact their local police.

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