Results from other races in Rock and Walworth counties

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Gazette Staff
Wednesday, April 7, 2010
Rock County
Beloit Township

--Supervisor No. 2

(x) Jim Stevens 300

Shannon Ladwig (I) 194


--School Board

(x) Tom Howard (I) 413

(x) Ken Leuty (I) 396

Dustin Esselman 265


--Municipal Judge Fulton/Edgerton

(x) Ronald Strouse……………….733

-- Robert Furan(I).………………602


--School board

(x) Nancy Hurley 489

(x) Eric Busse 323

Melissa Hammann (I).. 280

Joel Haynes 88


--Village board

(x) John Harnack 138

(x) Rich Woodstock (I) 131

(x) Ron Klusmeyer (I) 118

-- Charles Hagmann (I) 99

Fulton Township

--Town Board Supervisor

(x) Mike Guisleman 241

(x) Dave Brown(I) 232

(x) Ken Veitch(I) 229

Turtle Township

--Town board supervisor

(x) Ron Splan 214

(x) Bill Brewer (I) 201

(x) Les Oldenburg 91

Rock County Board

--7th District

(x) Hank Brill (I) 249

Jack Crook 242

--12th District

(x) Wayne Gustina 98

Frank J. Marsden 64

--17th District

(x) Betty Jo Bussie (I) 84

Marshall D. Bown 64

--19th District

(x) Brent Fox 182

James Joiner (I) 118

?--20th District

(x) Jane Thompson 288

Kathy Kelm 231

--22nd District

(x) Russ Podzilni (I) 208

Julie Spangler 135

--25th District

(x) Dave Innis 99

Billy Bob Grahn (I) 54

--26th District

(x) Larry Wiedenfeld (I) 197

Dave Homan 169

--29th District

(x) Katie Kuznacic (I) 247

Fred Yoss 189

Walworth County
Bloomfield Township

--Town board, supervisor 3

(x) Sue Leedle (I) 236

Joann Kendzior 130

--Town board, supervisor 4

(x) Daniel Schoonover 221

Dave Nusberger 133

Village of Darien

--Village board trustee

(x) Jim Abbott (I) 150

(x) Phil Putman 135

(x) Bob Wenzel (I) 135

(x) Helen Burton 81

City of Delavan

--Municipal judge

(x) James Ritchie 690

LeRoy Himebauch (I) 455

Delavan Township

--Town board supervisor

(x) Barbara J. Militello (I) 475

(x) Richard W. Bonsall 429

Wayne K. Polzin 257

Town of East Troy


Should the Town of East Troy complete the construction of a public recreational trail for walking, hiking, and cross-country skiing at the Town Park by the process of eminent domain?

(x) No 601

Yes 156

Village of East Troy


(x) Ann T. Zess 306

(x) John J. Alexander(I) 220

(x) Randy Timms(I) 220

William Joas(I) 168

Christopher Gultch 151


--School board

(x) Jennifer Keefe (I) 268

Craig C. Workman 233

--Village board

(x) Peggy L. Pollitt 305

(x) Patrick Kenny (I) 283

(x) Cindy Wilson 176

Diane Lewis (I) 173

Bill Turner 165

Geneva Township

--Badger High School Board, Geneva Township seat

(x) Janet M. Giovannetti (I) 1,725

Tom Larwa 749

--Town board, supervisor 3

(x) Larry K. Kulik 290

Gene Decker 260

Genoa City

--Village board

(x) Eric S. Boxer 158

(x) Edward C. Lilla 132

(x) Kenneth Parker (I) 128

Chester Juszczyk Jr. 110

Lake Geneva


(x) Teresa M. Klein 1,081

Tom Spellman 473

Richmond Township

--Town board, supervisor 3

(x) Carol Behrens (I) 151

Martin Brunner 70


--Village board

(x) LeRoy Nordmeyer (I) 173

(x) Kent A. Johnson (I) 160

(x) Ed Snyder 154

Matthew Long (I) 153

City of Whitewater

--City council, District 2

(x) Max Taylor (I) 10

(x) Heather Murray 2

(x) Devon Wallace 6

Whitewater Township

--Referendum to allow the issue of Class B beer licenses

(x) No 162

Yes 142

Williams Bay

--School board

(x) Dianna Woss (I) 258

Roberta Pollak* 187

Jane Smith (I)* 127

Write-ins* 245

*Identities of write-in vote recipients and their impact on the race outcome were not available Tuesday night.

Walworth County Board

--District 2

(x) Joe Schaefer 591

Roy Lightfield 344

--District 3

(x) Russ Wardle 557

Write-in* 199

*Incumbent Mark Bromley was running for this seat as a write-in candidate. A break-down of write-in votes was not available Tuesday evening.

--District 5

(x) Carl Redenius 559

Claudia J. Holst 415

Green County

--School board

(x) Mike Marean (I) 225

(x) Fred Johnson (I) 221

(x) Fairy Elmer (I) 218

(x) Jason Lindgren 210

Carrie Anderson 207

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