Plenty of questions still mark the Brewers

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Michael Hunt
Sunday, April 4, 2010

You have questions about the Milwaukee Brewers' 2010 season.

That doesn't mean we have answers, but that's never stopped us before.

Q. Should I boo Corey Hart?

A. It's your money. As long as you don't bug the bejeezers out of everyone around you by acting like a complete nimrod, do what you like.

Certainly, I wouldn't boo the guy based on his arbitration case. He was only playing by baseball's silly rules and knocked it right out of the park, admittedly something a ballplayer who got a 48 percent raise should do more than the dozen times he literally did it last season.

Is Hart a $4.8 million player based on what he did, or mostly didn't, do in 2009? He is if three judges said he is, no matter how twisted their logic.

Put it this way: Would you sit in a room for a couple of hours and listen to your employer tell you how crappy you are at your job for that kind of jack?

I'm thinking he's going to have a much better year. But if Hart continues to hit below the Mendoza line, like he did this spring, by all means, let him have it.

Q. Can the Brewers win with a young shortstop and a young centerfielder?

A. It depends on how you define "win." The last team to win semi-big with that kind of inexperience up the middle was the 1975 Boston Red Sox, and even that juggernaut couldn't get past Cincinnati in the World Series.

Alcides Escobar will probably make you forget J.J. Hardy in a hurry, but pretty soon you might be cursing the Brewers for not paying Mike Cameron. Sure, Carlos Gomez will cover a lot of ground, but he doesn't look like he could outhit Franklin Stubbs, and Stubbs is almost 50.

After all, there's a reason Jim Edmonds has a spot on the roster and an AARP card in his mailbox.

Q. I'm really worried about the starting rotation again. Please do not tell me Randy Wolf and Doug Davis are left-handed versions of Jeff Suppan.

A. OK, they're not left-handed versions of Suppan.

Do you want me to call you a cab, too?

OK, you're a cab.

Q. Is Mike McCarthy delusional for thinking he could turn Tim Tebow into an NFL quarterback?

A. Why are you asking a football question in April?

Oh, silly me, it's the Packers.

Q. Is Ken Macha the most boring manager in the history of baseball?

A. You haven't been around many baseball managers, have you?

Trust me, Milwaukee is not ready for the Guillen Family reality show.

Q. How much will Suppan earn per victory this season?

A. If the Brewers use him wisely, right around $12 million.

Q. What could I do with that kind of money?

A. Fix part of the Zoo Interchange, pay a couple months of Prince Fielder's 2012 salary or just meet the Kentucky basketball team's payroll.

Q. Speaking of Prince, how much longer will he be in a Brewers uniform?

A. At least through the 2011 trading deadline, maybe longer. I used to think that the Brewers had no chance to re-sign him, but I've upgraded that thought to "slight."

Whether or not the Minnesota Twins have set some sort of small-market precedent with the Joe Mauer signing remains to be seen, but I wouldn't trust the Twins on anything at the moment. Remember, they're the outfit that built a roofless stadium 350 miles to the northwest of the second-coldest major city in the United States.

Q. Will the Brewers have a winning season?

A. I picked them to win the NL wild card, but with answers like these, I'd seek advice elsewhere.

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