School board president satisfied with two week wait

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Beth Wheelock
Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Janesville school district administrators are working on a plan over the next two weeks that makes Chinese lessons voluntary for elementary students.

School Board President DuWayne Severson wanted the change to be immediate. At Tuesday's school board meeting, Severson said that since administrators were responsible for a miscommunication, they should work out an immediate plan to allow students to opt out now. Speaking with WCLO on Wednesday, he said parents know that the board is moving forward. He says there's a short-term time when their child will still have to take the Chinese class, but it's in the forseeable future their child won't have to take the class.

Severson says there was no mention of Chinese being a mandatory program during a presentation to the school board in July. The director of instruction apologized to the board at Tuesday's meeting for a miscommunication.

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