Rain runoff delaying Centerway Dam project

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Stacy Vogel
Wednesday, September 30, 2009
— Last summer, heavy rain caused flooding that damaged the Centerway Dam.

This September, heavy rain has delayed the repair of the dam.

"Mother Nature is in charge of this one," said Rory Alsberg, construction manager at North American Hydro, owner of the dam.

More than 3 inches of rain have fallen since the company started drawing down the Rock River on Sept. 20. It was supposed to take about a week for the Rock River to drop 3.5 feet, but nine days later, it had only gone down half that amount, Alsberg said.

Workers were able to remove damaged wooden boards Tuesday, but they need the river lower to install the new boards. Once the river is low enough, it will take about three days to put the new boards in, Alsberg said. It will then take about a week—assuming typical weather—for river levels to go back to normal.

The Department of Natural Resources told Alsberg the river is on its way down, he said.

That's good news, because the work has to be done by Oct. 15, when Lake Koshkonong starts its winter drawdown period.

The lake's drawdown will push additional water into the river, helping it reach its normal level, Alsberg said.

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