Roof leaks at Parker not blamed on expansion project

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Saturday, September 26, 2009
— Roofs at Parker High School leaked after recent heavy rains, but the problem has nothing to do with the recently completed expansion project, an official said.

Roofs leaked in the music wing and on the second floor of the academic wing. Both are under roofs that existed before the expansion project and were not a part of that project, said Dave Leeder, district maintenance supervisor.

Small tears in the roof membranes were to blame, Leeder said.

A contractor made repairs Thursday, Leeder said. He hadn’t received the bill, yet, but he estimated the cost would be $200 to $600. The roofs are not under warranty.

The roofs are older but not old enough to need replacement, Leeder said.

Tears can be caused when the membrane stretches or when a sharp object is dropped on them, Leeder said. Often, the tears are hard to find.

“It just happens when they get old,” Leeder said. “Even the smallest penetration causes havoc.”

The leaks soaked and stained ceiling tiles and in one case left a small puddle on the floor, perhaps a half-cup of water, Leeder said.

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