McstAggers replaces Corvina's downtown

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Saturday, September 26, 2009
— A downtown bar that has been the focus of police attention reopened under a new name and management Thursday.

McstAggers replaces what was Corvina’s at the corner of Milwaukee Street and Parker Drive.

Matt Ross of Edgerton and Alfredo De Los Monteros of Janesville are operating the bar for owners Fred Shahlapour and Jaleh Dabiri, who hold the liquor license.

The capital letters in McstAggers stand for Ross’ and De Los Monteros’ first names. The two men said they have experience running clubs in Chicago and elsewhere.

Ross and De Los Monteros plan to get their own liquor license and lease the building from the owners.

Shahlapour, Ross and De Los Monteros said they want to run a clean, quiet establishment and stay away from Corvina’s reputation, which included accusations of underage drinking and violent or harassing behavior by patrons.

McstAggers has a dance floor. Blues and classic rock bands will play during the week, and a deejay will play Top 40 and other music on Fridays and Saturdays, De Los Monteros said.

While Top 40 includes hip-hop, there will be no gangster rap music, De Los Monteros said.

McstAggers has a dress code that outlaws sleeveless shirts, hats worn any way except with the bills straight head or straight behind, ripped, torn or sleeveless clothing and excessively baggy clothing.

Plans are to hire security staff.

“We are not going to be prejudiced to anybody,” Shahlapour said. “As long as people are well behaved and they go along with the dress code, they are welcome to come.”

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