Janesville woman returns to Ironman circuit

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Thursday, September 17, 2009
— Jessica Lawton of Janesville tired of being the one with her nose pressed against the window watching everyone have all the fun.

A veteran of three Ironman competitions, Lawton decided instead being an Ironman Wisconsin volunteer, she’d enter the ninth annual Ironman Wisconsin last Sunday in Madison.

“I watched it every year,” Lawton said. “It was nice to get back.’’

Lawton qualified for the 2004 Ironman Hawaii, the granddaddy and most prestigious of all the Ironman competitions.

Despite five years and two children since Ironman Hawaii, the 32-year-old Lawton slipped smoothly from spectator to participant.

“It’s very inspiring to do,” Lawton said. “It is such a neat thing to be so close to it and get in shape after five years.’’

Lawton completed the 2.4 mile swim, 112-mile bike and 26.2 run in 11 hours, 54 minutes, 41 seconds. Lawton finished 15th in her age group.

“I honestly didn’t know what I would be able to do,” said Lawton, who is a Janesville Craig graduate and a Craig teacher for eight years. “I was really shooting for 12 (hours).”

Lawton said she had not been doing a lot of training since Hawaii.

“I had not been doing too much,” Lawton said. “I had to get back in running shape.’’

Lawton, who coaches the Craig boys and girls cross country team her husband Brian, received a boost from Craig runners’ parents that were entered in the grueling event.

“It was just a neat experience to have parents that have experience to train for the race,” Lawton said.

Lawton said it reflects how much triathlons have grown in popularity.

“Years ago that was not the case,” Lawton said.

A total of 13 Janesville competitors participated in last Sunday’s race, including:

Andrea Paradowski, Jon Purintun, Dave Falkavage, Jeff Pearson, Kevin Castro, Tracy Olson, Charlie Meyer, Jim Burns, John Nelson, Erik Chellevold, and Mike and Jenny Wimmer.

Lawton said she didn’t think another Ironman was be in her future.

She said between coaching cross country, teaching and her two childeren—2-year-old Evan and 18-month-old A.J.,—training for an Ironman may not be in the cards.

“This year, it was just one of those things,” Lawton said. “The timing was right, my kids are small, it was a good year to do it.’’

And it was a heck-of-alot more fun than watching.


Local/area finishers


494-Jessica Lawton, 11:54.41. 688-Andrea Paradowski, 12:22.04. 705-Jon Purintun, 12:23.54.

939-David Falkavage, 12:54:07. 1382-Jeff Pearson 13:49.18. 1444—Kevin Castro, 13:55:59. Tracy Olson, 15:12:20. 1840-Charlie Meyer, 15:12:23. 1,871-Jim Burns, 15:20:19. 2,147-John Nelson Nelson, 16:41:59. 2,167-Erik Chellervold, 16:50.06 2,268-DNF Mike Wimmer, DNF Jenny Wimmer.


964-Steven Federwisch, 12:56:20. 1,128-Peter Forster, 15:33:25. 788 Gardar Gislason, 12:35:29. 1,511 John Lewis, 2,025 Adam Matheny, 15:58:21. DNF-Wayne Ricketts. 451-Randy Vanwynsberghe, 11:48:39 734-Andrew Wise, 12:27:41. 1,809-Philip Wiseley, 15:04:20. 253- William Wiseman, 11:13:29. 126-Rob Wissolik, 10:40:45. 434-Kelly Wissolik, 11:45:11.


1398 Gary Groelle, 13:51:17. 1,399—Curt Pryce, 13:51:18. 1,714-Brad Johnson, 14:43:32. 2,154- Steven Kumlien, 16:44:33. 2,156-Robert Patrick, 16:45:57.


988-Jonathan Bina, 12:59:32.


1,389-Jenniefer Brady, 13:50:14.


737-Dave Riesland, 12:27:58.


460-Mike Kasun, 11:49:35.

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