Debit card scam hits Beloit

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Steve Benton
Tuesday, September 15, 2009
— The Beloit police department is working with at least two local banks to stop a debit card scam affecting area residents.

Sgt. Mark Franseen says several victims have come forward and at least one of them had their debit account emptied.

He says potential victims get an automated call from an unknown location indicating they've been locked out of their debit account. They are then instructed to "press one." If the victim follows that instruction, an official sounding person asks for your debit card numbers. That's when the accounts are compromised.

Franseen says they're currently working with the First National Bank and the M&I Bank in Beloit to identify the scam artists. Although police don't know where the calls are originating, at least one foreign country, Romania, has been identified as the location where money is going.

Police warn not to give out bank account information to anyone over the phone. They also say if you've received a call similar to the one described, call police and your local bank.

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