Craig students sent to gym for bomb threat

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Thursday, September 10, 2009
— About 1,600 students were sent to the biggest room in Craig High School on Wednesday morning after a bomb threat was found written in a restroom.

Officials decided the threat was credible enough to justify a complete search of the school.

Staff first searched the gym, and then students were told to report there, hall by hall, around 10:45 a.m., Principal Mike Kuehne said.

Kuehne said the recently completed large gymnasium—which some call a field house—was not designed as a refuge, but it worked well for that purpose.

Students' backpacks and purses were searched as they entered the gym, Kuehne said.

At the same time Kuehne sent a message to parents via the district's new phone-alert system.

Staff members were asked to volunteer to search the school, and administrators from the central office and other schools were called in to help. The search included all lockers, Kuehne said.

Students were sent back to class or lunch around 11:30 a.m.

Officials were not specific about the content of the bomb-threat message, so as not to spoil the investigation.

Officials did indicate that they believe a student wrote the note.

Making a false bomb threat is a felony offense in Wisconsin.

"The bigger penalty, as a student, particularly a younger one or one who is looking to graduate next year, is to have your school yanked out from under you, via the expulsion thing," said police officer Tom Lemery, who is assigned to the school.

The school board in the past has regularly expelled students believed to have made bomb threats.

Kuehne sent out another alert to tell parents when it was all over.

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