Beloit School District cleared in misconduct allegations

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Steve Benton
Thursday, September 3, 2009
— Beloit School Board President, Michael Ramsdail, says the investigation into possible misconduct by school district staff fails to turn up any evidence of wrongdoing.

Allegations were made by Pam Charles, an incumbent school board member defeated in the spring election, that information used by the Beloit teacher's union in ads against her, was obtained from confidential student records.

An independent investigator, chosen by Charles and the board, conducted interviews with staff and checked on personal e-mails and other records looking for illegal activity. Ramsdail says no evidence of any wrongdoing turned up in the investigation.

Charles has since filed a claim against the district, which the board denied. Charles has the option of filing suit against the district. Ramsdail hopes the results of the investigation will satisfy Charles, since the alternative would be be much more expensive.

The School Board had to make drastic cuts in this year's budget and is facing additional cuts next year.

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