Officials of a Wisconsin based bank offer economic words of encouragement

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Stan Stricker
Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Wisconsin based regional bank outlines the economic "Road to Recovery" for a Janesville audience.

The Vice President of Marshall and Isley Investment Management Corporation, Dan O'Connell, told a group of area business leaders, attending a Tuesday luncheon, the morning fog was a good analogy of the current state of the economy. You know the road you're on, but can't see the future clearly. O'Connell does report significant improvement for the economy, but is waiting for more progress in the area of unemployment and industrial production. When talking about the "Road to Recovery", he points to stabilization in the housing market, and the dramatic turnaround this year on Wall Street. Words of caution include the need for government to bring spending under control, and do more to foster job growth in the private sector.

He calls the current recovery a long game, but says this too shall pass.

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