Revaluation of commercial properties is under way

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Gazette Staff
Monday, October 26, 2009
— The City Assessor's Office authorized a revaluation of all commercial properties for the 2010 assessments roll in June. Commercial properties also include multiple-family buildings containing four or more apartments.

In June, the city council delayed a revaluation of residential properties to 2011 or beyond, opting to monitor market conditions for continued change.

The last revaluation of all property occurred for the 2002 assessments.

The city contracted with Tyler Technologies' CLT Division to perform most of the commercial revaluation tasks. Initially, CLT and city appraisal staff will complete the process of collecting and/or verifying the physical data for all commercial properties. The information gathered during property inspections completed this fall and winter will be used to make value estimates for the 2010 assessments. Appraisers do not set values while inspecting properties, but collect and verify data for use later in the assessment process.

Property inspections have begun and will continue through February 2010.

Appraisers completing data collection for the revaluation will be wearing identification badges, and their vehicle information will be registered with the City Assessor's Office. Anyone who is uncertain of the identity of the appraiser asking for admittance may call the Assessor's Office at (608) 755-3045 for verification before admittance.

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