The next Beloit International Film Festival is shaping up

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Steve Benton
Monday, October 26, 2009
— Final preparations are being made for the next Beloit International Film Festival (BIFF) to be held February 18 through the 21 in 2010.

BIFF Director, Rod Beaudoin says they're trying to make Janesville a regular partner in the annual event. He says Janesville will have a new hospitality center and more venues for the upcoming fest. Although plans aren't finished yet, he wants to make U-W Rock County a regular venue in Janesville. He says bus service for BIFF buffs will also be available in February and he's announcing the new Beloit Public Library will be the venue for "family and children's movies."

He wants to include the communities of Rockton and Roscoe in Illinois in the planning for BIFF in 2011. Beaudoin says they've made decisions on about 98% of the films to be included in the next Biff and hope to announce a special guest host soon as well.

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