Briarmoon ticketed at foreclosure sale

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Ted Sullivan
Saturday, October 24, 2009
— A regular Janesville City Council candidate who has a history of fighting the city over code violations is accused of disrupting the foreclosure sale of her property.

K. Andreah Briarmoon, 57, of 339 S. Locust St., Janesville, was mailed a ticket for obstructing an officer stemming from an incident at the Rock County Courthouse on Wednesday, Rock County sheriff’s officials said.

According to the sheriff’s report:

A sheriff’s deputy was conducting a foreclosure sale when Briarmoon objected to the sale of one of her properties.

The deputy told Briarmoon the sale would continue and asked her to stop interrupting.

Briarmoon continued objecting, and the deputy warned her she would be arrested if her behavior continued.

Briarmoon kept yelling about the sale and sale price.

The deputy then arrested Briarmoon and turned her over to courthouse security until the sale was finished.

After the sale, Briarmoon was released. The ticket was mailed to her after the incident.

Briarmoon has a history of being at the center of property disputes.

Briarmoon fought the city for more than three years when officials ordered her to take down a garage she owned on rental property at 1402 W. Court St.

She eventually lost that case in court, and the city demolished the garage in August 2006.

Briarmoon was arrested for trying to stop the demolition.

Briarmoon fought the city again in 2008 about code violations involving a shed on property she owns at 332 S. Academy St., diagonal to her home on Locust Street.

The shed violated a city code that prohibits an outbuilding on property without a primary dwelling.

The city charged Briarmoon with five counts of violating the city’s zoning ordinance.

A Rock County judge later dismissed the case at the city’s request because the shed was removed.

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