Janesville appraiser's license revoked

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Stacy Vogel
Friday, October 23, 2009
— The state has suspended the license of a Janesville appraiser after finding he undervalued a home and accepted payment for appraisals while his license was suspended.

Kevin E. Wilder has had his license revoked and been ordered to pay costs of the disciplinary proceedings, the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing announced in a news release Thursday.

The Wisconsin Real Estate Appraisers Board found Wilder undervalued a Janesville home in August 2007 by failing to report hardwood floors and a kitchen disposal and reporting one rather than two stoves, according to the written decision.

In September 2007, Wilder's license was suspended from an earlier case in which he failed to meet uniform appraisal standards, said David Carlson, spokesman for the Department of Regulation and Licensing. His license was suspended again that December when he failed to pay $900 in costs assessed to him in that case.

In January 2008, Wilder provided an appraisal report on an Edgerton home and accepted $500 in payment even though his license was suspended, the decision says. The report was an exact copy of an earlier report on the home, with only the date changed, the decision says.

That same month, he accepted $350 to perform an appraisal of an Arlington home but never prepared an appraisal report, the decision says.

The department listed Wilder's address as the 200 block of East Racine Street, Janesville, but a mailing to Wilder in March 2008 was returned to the state, the decision says. Wilder did not respond to the complaint, the decision says.

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